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Nothing like glucose in the morning!

Posted by Lissa on July 23, 2012

I’m starving, I can’t drink water and my mouth tastes like a mix of orange juice and turpentine. Hooray for glucose tests!


4 Responses to “Nothing like glucose in the morning!”

  1. Sorry.

    I’m amazed you ladies can keep that stuff down. My wife about slapped the doctor when he ordered a test with baby #2.

  2. Brad Kruse said

    Just curious, have you tried either hot water (hot tea without the tea), or hot decaf green tea with honey? I find both help with digestion issues for me. Also, a daily fiber dose of psyllium husk (Metamucil without the sugar or flavoring) can help settle a stomach, and comfort an upset system (a week of food poisoning/full system purge. Much more comfortable with pysillium husk passing through/coming back up, than without).


  3. I am so declining that test. I am a little anxious to do so, as it’s actually going to be the first thing I turn down with the new midwife, so we shall see how she handles it.

  4. Joanna said

    The good thing about being type 2 diabetic is I didn’t have to take that! The bad side was the testing 4 times per day and shots 3 times per day.

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