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Borepatch and Dr. Floyd Ferris

Posted by Lissa on August 31, 2010


“May”. “Might”. “Could”. Scandalously, these are the coin of the realm in Climate Science today – at least the Climate Science that makes the headlines.

Does everyone remember this part of the story?

“The State Science Institute,” he said quietly, when they were alone in her office, “has issued a statement warning people against the use of Rearden Metal.” He added, “It was on the radio. It’s in the afternoon papers.”

“What did they say?”

“Dagny, they didn’t say it! . . . They haven’t really said it, yet it’s there—and it—isn’t. That’s what’s monstrous about it.”

His effort was focused on keeping his voice quiet; he could not control his words. The words were forced out of him by the unbelieving, bewildered indignation of a child screaming in denial at his first encounter with evil.

“What did they say, Eddie?”

“They . . . You’d have to read it.” He pointed to the newspaper he had left on her desk. “They haven’t said that Rearden Metal is bad. They haven’t said that it’s unsafe. What they’ve done is . . .” His hands spread and dropped in a gesture of futility.

She saw at a glance what they had done. She saw the sentences: “It may be possible that after a period of heavy usage, a sudden fissure may appear, though the length of this period cannot be predicted. . . . The possibility of a molecular reaction, at present unknown, cannot be entirely discounted. . . . Although the tensile strength of the metal is obviously demonstrable, certain questions in regard to its behavior under unusual stress are not to be ruled out. . . . Although there is no evidence to support the contention that the use of the metal should be prohibited, a further study of its properties would be of value.”

“We can’t fight it. It can’t be answered,” Eddie was saying slowly. “We can’t demand a retraction. We can’t show them our tests or prove anything. They’ve said nothing. They haven’t said a thing that could be refuted and embarrass them professionally. It’s the job of a coward. You’d expect it from some con-man or blackmailer. But, Dagny! It’s the State Science Institute!”

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Thoughts, prayers and good wishes, please!

Posted by Lissa on August 31, 2010

Please take a moment out of your day and pray (or meditate, or send karmic marshmallows, or whatever) for Mrs. Weer’d, who goes under the knife today.  (Weer’d asks that you leave any comments here, so that the other post can be reserved for his updates.)

While we’re sending good vibes, could you also please spare a few for Julie’s husband? He can walk a little now, which is great! More, better, faster healing please!!

While we’re thinking happy fuzzies, maybe you could beam a few to Bob S? He hasn’t mentioned it in a while (unless I missed it, which is always possible) but his wife could use ’em. (Also Bob is near and dear to my heart right now because he 1) got a SIG and 2) is considering naming it. SQUEE!)

Many thanks!!

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As promised: The Oyster Shot!

Posted by Lissa on August 30, 2010

Alrighty, here we go!

Down the hatch!


Why would you DO that to me?!?

Thanks for all the comment-love, y’all!!

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No atheists in foxholes, right?

Posted by Lissa on August 27, 2010

So we’re driving back from a lovely visit to Shoothouse Barbie’s Cape retreat . . .  quiet drive, not much traffic, smooth sailing really . . . and suddenly the headlights and the dashboard lights start flickering.  Not going completely dark, mind you.  Just dimming and flickering, like a flashlight with a dying battery.

It’s a little scary, but I did have this happen once before.  I take a deep breath and switch on the brights. The dashboard lights flicker flicker flicker and then go completely dark before blasting back on at full power.  I’ve lost my radio station presets but everything is now glowing steadily; I turn off my brights and unclench my shoulders.

Flicker flicker flicker. “Oh sh*t.”

I do the brights trick again.

And again.

And then once more.

Only this time, instead of resetting the car’s electrical system it just turns everything off.  My headlights die — with me traveling at 60 mph, mind you — the car goes into neutral, and every interior light goes dark.

I have about two seconds worth of panic.  Thank god it’s a moonlit night. And just as I’m hitting the brakes to coast to the side of the road and call AAA — all the lights come back on.

Flicker flicker flicker.

“Well, the hell with that.”  I can live with flickering.  There’s enough light to see by, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to do the fun oh-my-god-my-car-just-died trick while driving full speed.  Uh-uh.

I drive the next hour and a half with slightly shaking hands and the occasional prayer.  A little help here, God.  Please? Just please have the car keep going for another hour.  Please and thank you.

The mile markers have never ticked by so slowly.

Please, God.  Just another forty-five.  Okay?  Please and thank you.

I stay behind other cars when I can so that my flickering headlights aren’t solely responsible for lighting up the road.  I’d follow a car all the way home if it would just go less than ten miles over the speed limit, but no one’s quite that obliging.

Please, God.  Just keep it going another half hour, okay?  Please, and thank you.

By the time we make it home the power locks are ignoring me along with the interior lights.  I don’t care.  My hands are trembling and I’m not one tiny bit sleepy despite the late hour.

Thank you.  Miserere nobis and all that.  Thanks, God, for getting us home safely.

And now I’m running off to the car dealership.

Hope you all had a lovely week!  Happy Friday!!

P.S. I’ve been blog-neglecting and now I’m comment-starved.  Tell you what – if I get more than five comments on this post I’ll post some pics from my very first oyster shot 🙂

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Talk amongst yourselves :)

Posted by Lissa on August 26, 2010

Got a guest and a broken car. Be back tomorrow!!

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Posted by Lissa on August 24, 2010

Goat cheese foccacia savory bread pudding in fridge (http://www.circle-b-kitchen.com/food-and-recipes/2010/8/8/meatless-monday-tomato-goat-cheese-and-focaccia-bread-puddin.html)

Chocolate zucchini bread baked

Lissa’s ready for guests!!

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The Kitteh’s Request (belated)

Posted by Lissa on August 23, 2010

Dear Ceiling Cat,

Pleez to send Daddy a happy birthday.

Also a house.


(No, I didn’t forget Mike’s birthday, I was just out-of-pocket this weekend!)

Previous requests here and here

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Weather forecast: 100% chance of snark

Posted by Lissa on August 21, 2010

Saw this outside an Irish pub:

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Be vewwy vewwy quiet …

Posted by Lissa on August 18, 2010

I’m hunting houses!!

Sporadic updates may occur, but for the most part I’ll be an absentee blogger. Wish me luck, and I’ll be back next week!

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You know you’re a Massachusetts gunnie . . .

Posted by Lissa on August 16, 2010

 . . . when you see this pic and think, “Threading on the barrel – that’s illegal here, isn’t it?”

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