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Random Thoughts

Posted by Lissa on July 30, 2012

In no particular order . . .

– This blog is officially stale. I can barely manage to post once a week, let alone have interesting (or somewhat interesting) posts every day.

– I’m still interested in politics. The difference from four years ago? I no longer feel urgent and passionate about it. Every new revelation about the corruption of the Obama administration, his basic class warfare mentality and the ensuing press lapdance just makes me roll my eyes and say, “Well, duh.”

– Maybe part of it is that I don’t live in MA anymore. Since I’m no longer surrounded by people who sing hosannas to Pres Obama (or Ted Kennedy, or Elizabeth Warren, etc. – Massachusetts really sucks), I no longer have to channel my frustration into my blog.

– Lack of frustration is a nice thing, though. Being mostly happy and un-angsty is a good baby incubator!

– Baby is GROWING GROWING GROWING. I’ve gained almost twenty pounds since I got pregnant. Thankfully all the weight seems to be going to my belly – my arms, legs and face look about the same – but the Baby Bump is more like a Baby Mountain.

– Remind me never to become obese if I can help it. The sheer difficulty in bending down to get something off the floor – let alone shaving my legs! – should be all the incentive I require to stay fit. For the rest of my LIFE.

– I’m reduced to getting pedicures because it’s too hard to touch my toes with fine motor skills for an extended period of time.

– I’ve found that swimming helps the lower back aches. I am very very grateful to have a pool in my backyard. I love Florida 🙂

– I’ve been athletic for most of my life. Oh, sometimes I’ve been woefully out of shape, but I’ve always been able to jog up stairs and lift heavy boxes and hoist suitcases into bins. It is WEIRD to ask for help because these tasks are either difficult or just not smart for me to do.

– Monkfish really does taste more like lobster than fish. Thank god. We eat fish almost every Sunday because it’s good for us. The only way I like fish is in sushi, or seared ahi tuna. Fish = YUCK.

– We’ve got someone new starting at the office today. This should be . . . INTERESTING.

– We went to see The Dark Night Rises yesterday. I will admit that when gun battle scenes erupted, I did a quick eye flick around the theater to make sure no psycho evil madman was aiming a gun. I did have a plan for concealment and had noted the nearest emergency exit.

Happy Monday, all!


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Amy said

    You moved to the south. Where people carry guns and think for themselves.

    Heck, a rodeo clown at the rodeo here in TX the other night got a standing ovation from the crowd for comparing the Obama Health Care Plan to horse droppings. 🙂 Said they smelled the same.

    I think everyone I know now has seen thru Obama and his lies. All we can do now is wait and hope that enough of the country has to make a real change and get him out of office. (boy did I have to censor myself with that sentence).

    Glad your pregnancy is going well!

  2. Anonymous said

    “Stale”? Nothing of the sort. If this blog is stale, mine is rotten. 🙂

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