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Official LookingForLissa Product Endorsement

Posted by Lissa on January 14, 2009

Remember this post, when I was trying to figure out how to protect my poor face? Well, here’s the attempt I made last month:
My Lissa, what big eyes you have!
My, Lissa, what big eyes you have!
Yeah. I look like a particularly inept scarlet Ninja. It was, however, an improvement over the last time I braved freezing-cold weather without a face covering — I arrived at work looking something like the Sphinx. I had to go digging for my nose, which had apparently crawled off my face and taken refuge in my armpit in a desperate attempt to maintain a temperature at which tissue can remain viable. (Good thing I was wearing powder-fresh deodorant, y’all!)

Anyway, we’ve got a rash of particularly cold weather going down in Boston this week. No, it’s not as bad as Alaska, or Minnesota, or even West Point, but it’s cold enough to be unpleasant.

Which allows me to give a (field-tested!) Official LookingForLissa Product Endorsement to these little darlings:


Yes, of course, they make me look like Heidi. Or a dwarf. Or they make me skip about singing, “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!” (The singing-and-skipping has a strong positive correlation with wine intake. Therefore I suppose the hood is also useful when playing my role of an insane Chinese leprechaun.)

In all seriousness, the fleece is warm and fuzzy, it doesn’t chafe your face, you can remove it without COMPLETELY wrecking your hair, and it allows you to walk through the streets of Boston without your face turning black with frostbite. Excellent things all!

P.S. 54 degrees in Texas right now. Shoothouse Barbie, I hate you very much. 🙂

P.P.S.  Does anyone else ever mix up “balaclava” and “baklava”?  It would be an unfortunate mistake to make; either very, very messy, or — well — you wouldn’t have to worry about fiber in your diet for a few weeks . . .

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