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Adventures in food

Posted by Lissa on February 5, 2009

We had our food tasting last night at the reception hall.  Let me tell you, only by the narrowest of margins did I escape actual DEATH BY OVERINDULGENCE. 

Those readers coming to the wedding — see, that’s how much I love you.  I was willing to risk my health and well-being just to guarantee that the food I serve you will be edible.  You’re welcome.  Now could you please pass me the Lipitor?

Praise all the gods that I made sure to take very small samples, because here is a list of the things I sampled last night:

– Lobster pot pie: I’m quite sure the recipe was dreamed up by an evil minion of the devil.  Little buttery pastry cups filled with lobster in a sherry sauce — HEAVEN.

– Bacon-wrapped scallops:  We actually weren’t sure these were any good.  So we had to try a few.  We’re all about thorough testing.  For The Children, you see. 

– Chicken samosa (or something): Meh.  Spicy chicken-filled crusty pastry; worth eating, but not more than once

– Vegetable springrolls: I like ones with shrimp much better, but I’ve got at least three vegetarians coming, so we picked this as our veggie appetizer

– Beef wellington: well-marinated and savory, baked inside a buttery crust.  Mmmm. 

– Herb-crusted chicken with a port wine demi-glaze, and oven baked chicken with braised lentils: Both decent, but the demi-glazed one was significantly better

– Filet mignon: No, I’m not going to have this at the reception, but there was a whole freakin’ TUB full of it — you thought I was going to pass it by?  Hell no!!  (Rather amazingly, my sample was a beautiful medium rare inside.  I was impressed.  And full.  I’m grateful that Mike hadn’t snagged a piece and therefore received half of mine.)

– Grand Marnier-flavored cake and a ricotta-chocolate-chip cake that tasted like a cannolo-in-cake-form

– A teeny-tiny piece of delicious fudge

That was my list, BTW.  Mike, being even more assiduous than I in his quest to vet potential reception food, also tried the sesame-chicken appetizer, red bliss whipped potatoes, caprese salad, cornmeal-crusted halibut, Mediterranean salad and one of the rolls.

We then staggered to the car and rolled home, to lie about in a food-induced-coma for the rest of the night.

Good thing I don’t plan on getting married more than this once, y’all.  I’d never survive the preparations!

P.S. My favorite part of the night — we’d been taking notes on what we liked and didn’t like.  I pointed out, with mock-dismay, that Mike hadn’t made any note for the bacon-wrapped scallops.  He took up the pen, wrote “satisfactory” and laughed.  I promptly took the pen and paper, threw him a disdainful/scolding look, crossed out “satisfactory” and wrote:


Scallops!  In bacon!  Who’re we kidding?!?!

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