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Why do they hate Michelle Obama?

Posted by Lissa on May 21, 2010

And by “they” I mean her fashion team.

Look – some people think Mrs. Obama is beautiful; others think she closely resembles Whorf.  Whatever. The fact is that she’s got a more toned body than most mothers in America, and the height that fashion designers love, to boot.

Why, then, does her fashion advisor stick her in god-awful medieval torso-choking belts like this?

Really? You really think this belt was a good idea, Fashion Guys?

Or ill-fitted, high-waisted, mis-shaping getups like this? (Note: that light blue is horrible with pumpkin.  Try a deep rich navy or sapphire next time.  Oh, and a bigger sweater.  And put the waist at her, y’know, waist.)

Mario Batali's orange looks better than mine. This is embarrassing.

But those fashion freaks really outside themselves this time.  Check out Mrs. Obama’s dress that she wore for the Calderon’s state visit:

Well, the color is fabulous.  And I love the shimmery fabric.  The silver-banded waist sits nicely on her frame and makes her legs appear to be a gazillion miles long.  So it’s beautiful! . . . except . . . hey, what’s that?


My inner fashionista is writhing in agony.  Why??  If they’d just made the two shoulders match — i.e. put the twisted strap on both sides — this would have been AWESOME.

Why does her fashion team hate her so???

Happy Friday, and beware of bad fashion advisors!

(h/t Bookworm Room)

9 Responses to “Why do they hate Michelle Obama?”

  1. Also looks like her hair got in a close encounter with a ceiling fan.

  2. ymarsakar said

    It’s not her designers that decide for her what colors and such to use. You do know or suspect at least, that she herself chooses them?

  3. George said

    Only TWO comments, since I saw your post this morning. I’m guessing no one cares (at least amongst your blog readers) WHAT Evita wears?!
    Fortunately, your blog usually transcends fashion-or lack, thereof…

  4. towanda said

    They keep raising the level of her belts to hide the huge mound that keeps growing beneath it. She can only wear empire syle gowns or she looks like a Sherman tank. Slim and toned she ain’t! All photos of her before she met up with Oprah’s airbush artiste’ were pretty..uhh bad. But now makeup on her already hard face makes her look very tough…sort of cheap. She lies well too…says he’s onlly 5 11 and weights 135…OHHHH PULEASE! She towers ober Barack and all the tall men, even in flats or little heels, and if she doesnt go 210..just from the waist down…well you get the point.

  5. breda said

    I think it’s high time MichelleO starts celebrating her bootay.

  6. mike w. said

    Towanda – She says Barack is 5″11 135? Bullshit.

    That’d mean he’s nearly as skinny as I am.

    Michelle is just not an attractive woman, and her stylists do everything they can to make her look worse. At least Barack dresses well.

  7. JD said

    well, it was the Mexican clown in charge visit so she wanted to fit in???

  8. secretlivesofscientists said

    Agree with Breda – bootay is to be celebrated. Of course, imagine the backlash Michelle would receive, and as much as I dislike Obama and the publicity that he receives, the last thing I need to hear about are the xenophobes crying about her being “ghetto” or trashy or whatnot. Let’s face it, people would say things like that.

  9. Cody Chismark said

    That’s a man.

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