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Failed Obama operation provides guns used to massacre Mexican teenagers*

Posted by Lissa on October 3, 2012

First, let’s remind everyone that Fast and Furious is not a “botched” operation. To be merely “botched,” one would have to show how shuffling weapons over the border to Mexico without tracking devices or any attempt to keep an eye on them, and without informing the Mexican government, was going to have any kind of a useful or desirable result. Lacking grounds for “botched,” I’ve labeled the operation “failed.”

(Although some of my fellow gunbloggers are quite confident that the operation worked exactly as it was supposed to. I.e., American guns were used to kill Mexicans, so we obviously need to crack down on the sale of American guns. All that’s missing is the legislation to do so, and it’s only missing because the details of the mess came out. But I digress.)

Univision broke a story recently that guns from Fast and Furious were used in the massacre of teens at a party. Photographs of a body in the street and leftover pools of blood the next day provide the kind of gory attention-grabbing that news media *usually* love and would play every hour on the hour for the next week and a half.

Looking Glass News can’t cover this, because my imagination isn’t that good. How’s yours? Can YOU imagine how it would play out if President McCain’s administration started an operation that resulted in Mexican cartel members using American and American-provided guns to murder teenagers at a party in Mexico?

Somehow I do NOT think it would result in McCain going on The View to be eye candy. Nor do I think NBC News’ home page would include as its main article a story about rhinos in India.


Our mainstream media is an utterly biased disgrace.

*Note: This was my first try at Truthaganda

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Thoughts on the Middle East situation

Posted by Lissa on September 14, 2012

In no particular order. . .

- Christopher Stephens seemed like a good and decent man (see LawDog for some background). Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

- I thought of his family when I saw those terrible pictures of Stevens’ body being paraded/escorted through the streets. (If you’re not aware, what looks awfully like a triumphant displaying of the slain ambassador through the streets has been alternately presented as a crowd trying to carry him to the hospital. I fervently hope it’s the latter and think the pictures look much more like the former.) I came down on the side that the pictures are newsworthy, but I shrivel to think that his loved ones saw them and know that the world is seeing them.

- Our ambassador was slain when his poorly-defended and not-so-secret consulate in Libya was attacked. Our sovereign soil in Egypt was invaded. Our official Twitter feed from the Egyptian embassy was full of unbelievably f***ing stupid and craven apologies before and after the attack. And what’s shocking about all this is … that Mitt Romney commented harshly on it? Do we live in bizarro world??

- Also, it’s about as clear an example of press bias as I’ve seen in the last decade. You see, they had no problem with a certain Candidate of Hope of Change took to CNN to blast the current president and his opponent in 2008 directly after deaths of our servicemen. Needless to say, the story did not suddenly shift from the actual situation in the Middle East to What This Particular Candidate Said About It, How He Said It, and Doesn’t He Regret It.

- I think the proper response when asked about that infantile, badly-produced film about Islam that *supposedly* sparked the latest protest party is, “Yeah, it’s stupid and disrespectful. SO F***ING WHAT? We’re Americans! The right of private citizens to say stupid, infantile, offensive things is very well established. Sod off.”

- I say *supposedly* because I find it unlikely to the point of pure gullibility that spontaneous protests arose in two different countries on the anniversary of 9/11 due to a short film with clips on YouTube that practically no one had ever heard of before. Doesn’t it remind you of the Danish cartoon stuff? You know, the event where a Danish newspaper published cartoons of Mohammed. . . and not much happened. UNTIL some supposedly pious Muslims decided that the actual cartoons in the newspaper just weren’t all that bad (they weren’t) — so they added a few more that were FAR, FAR worse than anything published and went on a Middle East rage-grievance tour. As far I’ve heard, the imams haven’t had to go into hiding or been attacked by crazies, so I guess when THEY do it it’s okay, but if someone ELSE does it it’s time to burn flags and maybe kill people.

I’m not usually isolationist, but times like these make me want to wash my hands of the whole region. (Except any countries with a proven commitment to rule of law, democracy, free speech, women’s and homosexual’s rights, etc. I can only think of one country over there that fits that criteria but I’d be glad to hear of more.)

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Looking Glass News: the Romney Gift Registry

Posted by Lissa on June 27, 2012

I haven’t done this in a loooooong time, but let’s go back through the looking glass and pretend that the Republican candidate did this . . .

Governor and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney horrified people across the nation when he suggested that people donate to his campaign in lieu of birthday, wedding or anniversary presents.

“It’s creepy!” exclaimed Maureen Dowd. “What kind of weird, sick, religious cult does he belong to that he thinks we should give HIM money to mark important life events? Is THIS what the Mormon church calls normal?”

New York Times columnist Charles Blow was equally appalled. “Clearly, Governor Romney has no idea what is appropriate regarding private celebration and political panhandling. He should shove this idea in his magic underwear.”

Yale professor Harold Bloom wrote, “We have long been told to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s — and ONLY that. Governor Romney must think that birthday parties and weddings fall into this category. I can be forgiven for dreading a strengthening of theocracy in our civil culture.”

There are those who say that Romney simply misjudged how this marketing campaign would make him and his campaign appear to the average voter. However, the rest of us are quite sure that this is an evil and scurrilous attempt to insert himself, his faith, his church and his filthy polygamist beliefs into the daily lives of innocent Americans. For shame.

*Thanks to Walter Russell Mead for collecting the examples
**Seriously. Wouldn’t all your liberal friends and family find it creepy as hell if Romney did this?

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MSNBC caught deceptively editing Republican candidate

Posted by Lissa on June 20, 2012

I know. You’re shocked, right? But remember, the MainStream Media is called that for a REASON – a lot of people still use it as their only news source. It’s therefore important to point out when that news source is DISHONESTLY EDITING.

Go over to SooperMexican to see how their attempt at creating a “supermarket scanner” moment for Mitch Romney is disproved by an unedited handheld video. (How do I know they wanted it to be his “supermarket scanner” moment? Because Andrea Mitchell asked her audience if this would count as such.)

Now. What have we learned?

1) MSNBC will edit video about Republican candidates (or “white Hispanics”) to make a point.
2) If that “point” is not accurate or true, well, whatever, f*** you.

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Yes, we smashed a Nikki Haley pinata, but don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

Posted by Lissa on June 1, 2012

I’ve had this open in my browser for a while but didn’t get around to sharing it. Did you know that the leader of the South Carolina AFL-CIO smashed a pinata with Nikki Haley’s face on it? Repeatedly?

But that’s not the part that made me giggle with hysterical glee. It was the reassurances that they weren’t MAD when they did it – so it’s all okay!! [emphasis mine]

“They made it and I would have played the game with them no matter it would have been pin the tail on the donkey with Nikki Haley’s face on it. I still would have played,” Dewitt told ABC News over the phone. “There was no ill intent. We were certainly have a good time. I’m not mad or angry.”

“We’ve been the brunt of her comments now for two years and that’s what the whole thing was. She’s been whacking at us over the last two years,” Dewitt, who has been president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO for the past 16 years and will retire at the end of June, continued. “Anyone that knows me knows there was no ill intent at all. Our folks don’t go to speeches with guns and things like that. We have very loving people in our unions who will take up money for people or a vet. We just heard these comments by the governor for over the two years. They were using a memoir of the last two years I’ve lived under her leadership.

NOW do you understand? It’s okay! They were happy shiny people when they smashed her face, not those evil gun-toting vet-hating wingnuts! So everything’s fine!!!

And one more dollop of humor for you: “Nikki Haley tries to capitalize off video of union leader.” Yes, really. That wily and evil Nikki Haley!!!

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President Obama: “Polish Death Camp”

Posted by Lissa on May 30, 2012


WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House said President Barack Obama misspoke on Tuesday when he referred to a “Polish death camp” while honoring a Polish war hero.
The president’s remark had drawn immediate complaints from Poles who said Obama should have called it a “German death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland,” to distinguish the perpetrators from the location. Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski called it a matter of “ignorance and incompetence.”


The Polish Embassy in Washington, on its website, has a “how-to guide” on concentration camps that states that references to Polish death camps are “factually incorrect slurs” that should be corrected.
The Associated Press Stylebook states that when referring to “World War II camps in countries occupied by Nazi Germany, do not use phrases like Polish death camps that confuse the location and the perpetrators. Use instead, for example, death camps in Nazi-occupied Poland.”

No wonder they so rarely let our President go off teleprompter.

I would like you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine the reactions had a President McCain said those exact words. I’m thinking words like “senile” and “incompetent” and “gratuitously insulting.”

Anyone can have a slip of the tongue. This happens to be a pretty dumb one, and I can’t help but feel it’s going to be buried by the mainstream media as much as possible.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades

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AMAZING sexism on the Food Network

Posted by Lissa on May 3, 2012

I knew I didn’t like Alex Guarnaschelli. I’m sure her food is wonderful, but she came across as a real bitch on The Next Iron Chef – Masters. Regardless, I was AWED by what came out of her mouth on the Chopped: All-Stars episode we watched last night.

Chris Santos was talking about his chosen charity: a research foundation for Rett Syndrome. He explained that one of his relations (cousin, maybe?) had Rett Syndrome, this awful neurological disease that affects pretty much only girls. He showed the judges a picture of the girl and a tear dripped down Alex’s cheek. I was thinking, “Wow, she was really touched by that” when they cut to her interview and she said THIS (in a really thoughtful, emotional voice):

“I just learned *so much* about Chris Santos. I can’t believe he cares so much about this disease when he’s a man and it affects only girls.”*


Did you know that you’re only allowed to care about diseases that YOU YOURSELF might someday contract? That’s right, women don’t care about testicular cancer or hemophilia and men can’t be affected by breast cancer or female genital mutilation.

This was all news to me, but hey! You learn something every day!

*paraphrased by memory

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Boy howdy, this makes me want to subscribe to the local news rag

Posted by Lissa on April 4, 2012

I pulled up behind this van the other day:


My absolute favorite part is where the “Orlando Sentinel” sticker has been covered up by the “Corporations Are Not The People” sticker. They’re not the people, they’re just how I make my livelihood . . . so down with ‘em!

The one thing I agree with? He doesn’t seem to be picky about the Republican candidates. Although whereas he wants to pink slip all of them, I’d hire any one of then to replace our current president.

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A political dig? Or am I being oversensitive?

Posted by Lissa on April 28, 2011

I’ve mentioned before how much my Psych text irritates me. The discussions of Erikson, Piaget, Vigotsky etc. Are interesting, but it never misses a chance to show that the United States is really, really bad — worse than Romania and Japan and just about everywhere else — when it cones to life expectancy. Or ageist stereotypes. Or glass ceilings. It irks the hell out of me.

So, when I ran across this chart, I assumed it was another slap at my political viewpoint:


(sorry for the size, but it’s not readable otherwise)

I read it and thought, Yup, those stick-in-the-mud conservatives! They’re all scared of change and new experience and would never go traveling, or pet a turtle, or try riding a horse, or shooting a machine gun, or climb a mountain. Nope! Only liberals are cool and open!!

But maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. After all, a lot of folks who think like me don’t label themselves conservatives. Maybe they didn’t mean the political labels but were speaking generally of temperament and the attitude toward life.

What do you think?

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And this is why people think Psychology is full of crap.

Posted by Lissa on February 3, 2011

[Disclaimer -- I'm not saying that Psych *IS* a bulls*** science.  I know a certain person in Wisconsin who a) is smarter than me; b) writes papers and studies on Autism in which I rarely understand more than "the" and "and."]

Last night brought the transcendent joy of the second Developmental Psychology class discussion.  I really want to do well in all my classes, so I’m doing the readings and taking good class notes and trying to find interest in the material.  Unfortunately, I keep getting sidetracked.  Why?

Because the book and my prof insist on teaching us how bad the United States is.

Chapters 2 and 3 were supposed to be on “biological and environmental foundations” and prenatal development.  Why, then, did we delve into the following highly educational tidbits?

  • It’s shameful how the elderly are treated in America.  In Japan, there’s a culture of reverence for the elderly.  It’s a disgrace that we don’t share it.
  • Also, China has playgrounds and parks specifically for the elderly.  We, on the other hand, have ten times their income but we won’t spend it on the elderly because we think they don’t matter. How sad!
  • Furthermore, Americans have these horrible stereotypes about the elderly, e.g. that they can’t drive.  The Prof doesn’t know how we formed such ageist, hurtful stereotypes, but lots of elderly people remain active their whole lives and such derogatory stereotypes just hurt them terribly.
    [I'm biting my tongue hard enough to bleed at this point.  It keeps me from raising my hand and asking, "Are you frickin' SERIOUS? Those stereotypes exist because THE ELDERLY CAN'T DRIVE.  We've seen our grandparents lose their verbal acuity and their motor reflexes; it happens to some earlier and some later, but it happens to all of us eventually (if we live long enough).  That's a fact. So now actual facts that most people have observed personally equals an AGEIST STEREOTYPE. Good grief."]
  • Prenatal care is very important for the mother and for the fetus.  And yet somehow people are arguing against national health care.
    [Yes.  Yes they are.]

And my personal favorite?  This:

Because (the professor kindly explained) it’s important to know how big a problem it is in America, that so many of our elderly live in poverty, and that so many countries care for their aged population better than we do.

Now, y’all know I’m no statistician myself, but . . . . seriously? Because fewer Romanian elders live below the Romanian poverty line than in the United States, this is a terrible country?

That’s right, folks — it’s better to be elderly in Russia, Estonia and Slovenia than here.  Also, the Czech Republic takes better care of its elderly than does Austrailia, the UK or Switzerland.

And this nugget of wisdom is important enough to appear in CHAPTER TWO of our textbook.

*cue sound of Lissa’s head exploding*

Now, I’m not saying that a chart like that has no use.  I think a discussion of how the elderly are perceived in each country dependent on economic status relative to the national average — and the resulting social stature — could be very interesting.  Unfortunately, that’s not what the book was trying to teach me.

This may be a long semester.

P.S. Also?  Sorry, book, but when you blithely state that one-sixth of all couples who try to conceive discover that they are infertile and list absolutely no backup for that rather astonishing number, I will probably assume that you are talking out of the southernmost aperture of the gastrointestinal tract.

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