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Holster FAIL. Gun safety FAIL. Darwin FAIL. General FAIL.

Posted by Lissa on August 25, 2009

At the gym this morning I was treated to an exclusive interview with Plaxico Burress, explaining how he managed to shoot himself in the leg.  Yes, I know you’re all jealous.  Don’t hate me, I think my lower abdominal muscles are still ripped from the inclined crunches I did last week.

So it turns out that brilliant Mr. Burress had stuck his gun into his jeans.  While walking up the stairs to the VIP room the gun started to slide down his leg.  Feeling this, Burress paused and grabbed for the gun, managing to snag the trigger through his jeans and shoot himself.


Gun nuts, you want to help me count up the failures?  He was carrying a loaded gun without a safety and a round chambered WITH NO HOLSTER.

I think Darwin would have been better served if he’d shot his damn dick off.

Bonus Mike quote:

Interviewer:  “How are you going to adjust to prison?”
Mike:  “Kick someone’s ass the first day.”

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How wierd!

Posted by Lissa on May 8, 2009

Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.  Because isn’t it wierd that my umberlla doesn’t shade my yatch?

Spelling Bollocks

And we wonder why our kids can’t get no edjumacation?

(h/t The Corner)

UPDATE: Jay G linked.  Thanks!

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