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The flash mob that wasn’t

Posted by Lissa on December 27, 2011

It was tons of fun but it was NOT a flash mob. There were people gathered in the middle, there was obvious musical equipment and there was a sign listing the different holiday events for the day. So it doesn’t count as a flash mob. Yours truly makes a brief appearance at 2:30 and again at 2:55 – and no, the rather screechy soprano you hear isn’t me. 🙂

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/teawHfoR3_4&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

It’s surprisingly hard to sing in that large a space. Even in concert halls there are walls to bounce the sound back to you. This was like singing into a vacuum.

In other musical news, I went Christmas caroling at the Westminster Towers nursing home in Orlando the day before the flash mob (Friday the 16th). It was . . . interesting. I’ve been caroling at banks and neighborhood gatherings but only as part of a formal choir or chorale. This was a group of people who belonged to a number of different choirs – the Messiah choir, the Bach Festival Choir, or just the local church choir – and who had been caroling at this nursing home for about 11 years. They were also all older than me, ranging from about 40 to about 65. Perhaps because of that we started each song in a much lower key than scored. I don’t have perfect pitch but I do have pretty good pitch memory so that was a little screwy. Regardless, the residents loved us and we brought a little Christmas cheer to both the folks who lived there and the folks who took care of them.

And then to top off my musical weekend we went to the Candlelight ceremony in Epcot. The fun part is that as long as you’re not too loud you can sing along from the audience 😉

I hope all of you had a lovely holiday!

2 Responses to “The flash mob that wasn’t”

  1. What’s cool is it looks like a few of the people just started singing along because everybody else was.

    VERY cool!

  2. Jennifer said

    Been there, done that. It’s unsettling. One of my caroling gigs was a freaking grocer store. Nothing like doing Carol of the Bells acapella by the deli counter. But it was a paid job, so you just go with it. Frozen foods is particularly challenging. But hey, it helped pay for one of my more unusual resume items. I’ve sung on the pier at Disney World. Yes, in costume and all of that mess.
    Not that I’m really complaining. I’ll honestly sing for most anyone that asks, so there’s that.

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