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Things I Hope To Do Before I’m 40

Posted by Lissa on April 22, 2010

Jay turned 39 yesterday – hooray! He’s a little anxious about counting down to the big 4-0, though.

Me?  I’m not quite 30 and I can’t wait for 40.  At my current age of 29 I know SO MUCH MORE than I did at 19; I can’t imagine all the things I’ll learn by then!

Here are some of the things I’m hoping to learn/accomplish/do by 40:

  • Have a house (well, be paying mortgage on one, anyway) with a yard big enough to grow cherry tomatoes.  And a puppy.
  • Er, a yard big enough to HAVE a puppy, not to grow a puppy.  Although I wouldn’t mind growing puppies either!
  • Be mother to a couple of young Kittysons
  • Have run a 5K
  • Learn to adequately use a sewing machine; make one of these dresses for myself
  • Learn to gracefully accept constructive criticism, instead of panicking that I’ve done something wrong
  • Learn to state what I want.  It’s absolutely fine if I don’t get it, but I shouldn’t be afraid to state it for fear of imposing an obligation.  I think.
  • Learn to focus on the positive.  Someone can say ten nice things to me and one cruel thing; the ten won’t even flash across my consciousness and the one will stay with me for five years.  That’s not good.
  • Have taken an airsoft live-fire defensive pistol class.  It’s one thing to neatly punch holes in a target; it’s quite another when the target is firing back at you.
  • Continue to learn and grow in the area of cookery.  Perhaps my next strawberry pie will come out better . . .
  • Eat an ENTIRE pumpkin pie by myself.  A girl’s gotta have a dream!
  • Learn to keep a tidy house.  The battle against my intrinsic laziness continues apace!  I’d like to have a home that’s clean enough to be tidy, and messy enough to be lived-in and comfortable.  (I know, I know, all that will change when Kittysons come about.)

How about you?  What are you hoping to accomplish in the next ten years?

9 Responses to “Things I Hope To Do Before I’m 40”

  1. TBG said

    Hmmm… In the next ten years?

    1. Clean my offices.
    (The one at home and the one at work.)

    2. Learn to make biscuits from scratch.

    3. Find where they keep the scratch at the supermarket.

    4. Transition my job so that I spend less than 200 days on the road each year…


  2. Terence said

    I’d like to row 500 meters in under 1:30. And I’d like to make Mr. C tap out at MMA class. The first one is much more likely than the second.

  3. Mike said

    Running a 5K doesn’t seem aggressive enough! If you get to look 10 years out, you should make it at least a 10K!

  4. wolfwalker said

    What are you hoping to accomplish in the next ten years?

    I’d settle for a job that produces a reliable income, enough to live on.

  5. smasher said

    All you youngsters, keep it down. My hip is bothering me!

  6. guy said

    I turned 40 today.

    One really interesting thing I know at 40 that I didn’t ten years ago is the location of every single muscle fiber in my back. By name.

    They all stop and say ‘hi’ every single day now. 😛

  7. secretlivesofscientists said

    I’m 28 and every single muscle fiber in my back stops and says “hi” every single day now…….and has for the past ten years 🙂

  8. Breda said

    I need that dress. Let me know when you’ve mastered that one seam.

  9. Anonymous said

    “I shouldn’t be afraid to state it for fear of imposing an obligation”

    That should likely read, “afraid of being rejected”. This could be a self esteem issue.

    Instead of thinking that you are making a demand, consider what obligations and responsibilities you take on for each request. If you are confident and willing, then it is a matter of respect, to let Jay know what you want and what you are thinking. Respect yourself enough to open yourself up, and respect him enough to let him make his own choices about what he is willing or wants to do. Think in terms of “what will increase the joy in my home, for Jay, and for me?”

    But do set a budget for firearm and ammo stuff.

    I like the pie goal. Before 40 I made two pumpkin pies – from the pumpkin. And an apricot pie – fresh from the tree in the backyard (when living in California/San Jose).

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