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A Mouthful of Ashes and Dust

Posted by Lissa on April 21, 2010

Or, Adventures In Supplements!

As regular readers know, Mike and I have been trying to increase our level of fitness here at the Kitty Den.  Since I gained weight while Mike was in Charlotte, I’m also trying to eat a bit healthier; “no lard butts in bikinis,” that’s the motto!  So far so good on the exercise; Mike’s getting used to his FiveFingers (and thanks to everyone who chimed in with advice!) and we haven’t once had to donate to the as-yet-unspecified charity.  (I still think PETA is the best choice — especially since most people who haven’t dug into the nasty side of PETA think it’s a wonderful organization, and EXACTLY the kind of org I would normally support — but I’m just not sure Mike can stomach it.)

I’ve also started tracking my food intake (thank you, free “sparkpeople” app!).  Trying to calorie-ize every bite of food that goes into my mouth led me to three results:

1) I bought a food scale

2) I realized I snack more than I thought I did

3) I decided to try and get more protein into my diet.

In line with 3), I went ahead and bought this:

I figured that I could replace my normal afternoon snack of reduced-fat string cheese and fat-free yogurt with a protein-rich snack, which would make it easier to last until dinner without chewing on my fingers.  Or the cat.  (Though cat-ears are HIGHLY nommable and protein-rich, for the record.)

Nom my ears. You know you want to.

The package arrived Monday and I optimistically chose the Mocha Cappuccino flavor, poured it into a cup of coffee and mixed it with a mini-mixer I’d bought especially for the occasion.  It foamed beautifully, looking exactly like an expensive cappuccino machine had lovingly whipped it into a frothy lather purely for my delectation.

I took a sip.

Ack!  Chalk!  Gack!

Okay, well, I expected it to be a bit chalky.  Powder shakes often are, especially protein-rich ones.

I took a bigger sip.

I chewed and swallowed.

Holy crap!  Grits!  Muck!  Drinking sand!

The whey stuff CONGEALED and after the first three sips I was trying to choke down pea-sized nuggets of powder.

I think I managed to down about six sips before the rest went down the drain.

Folks, any ideas?  Shall I mix it with oatmeal or grits and eat it with a spoon???

5 Responses to “A Mouthful of Ashes and Dust”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    All protein powders are going to be kinda chalky and nasty. I get the non-flavored kinds and mix them into fruit smoothies. I blend frozen fruits (the packaged kinds work well and they keep, so no brown bananas on your countertops), ice cubes, and some water, juice, or milk.

  2. For protein, just eat meat. Keep a raw, lightly-salted fillet bagged in the fridge, carve off a couple of bites, and chomp it down. Raw beef is awesome. Fillet doesn’t have much flavor by itelf of course, but the texture is great.

  3. Minnie said

    I agree that all powders have that “chalky” taste. That being said, I almost threw up in my mouth thinking about it. LOL.

  4. bogie said

    I add my protein powder to vanilla yogurt. Of course my yogurt also contains uncooked oatmeal or 5 grain cereal so then the grittiness doesn’t matter. Or, I will mix in cut up fruit with the yogurt (straberries, blueberries, grapes ect which also distracts from the grittiness.

    When I make a drink for during my workout, I just use half the powder and twice the water and it seems to dissolve well.

    I also only get vanilla flavor protein powder so it will mix well with other things.

  5. Allura said

    No help for the protein powder although most folks I know that use it put it in a smoothie.

    One suggestion for protein snacks in general: switch to full fat dairy. Less carbs, more protein and the fat fsatisfies you longer so you eat less of it.

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