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Greetings from the Bolt Bus!

Posted by Lissa on October 24, 2009

It’s a nasty, rainy, cloudy day, but I’m on my way to New York City.  Sure, I had to leave the house at ten, instead of noon, and I’ve got a seatmate.  On the other hand:

1) I’m sitting comfortably while someone ELSE struggles with driving through rain

2) I’m listening to my choir music and mentally rehearsing for the upcoming concert

3) I’m enjoying WiFi on my Eee and ready to plug it into the electrical socket by my chair, should the battery run low

4) The bus ticket cost me about as much as the gas would have, driving

5) If you consider that I’d have to pay money to park, I actually save money by busing it

And, perhaps most importantly:

6) I don’t have to drive into NYC.  The last time I tried it I got smacked with a speeding ticket in CT.  In a construction zone.

The bus is a LOT cheaper than that!!

UPDATE:  Know what would be nice, though?  If they had a GPS tracker (as they do on airplanes) so you could see where the bus was.  That would allow your receiving party to know when you’d get in, and help you figure out which river it was that you just crossed . . .

8 Responses to “Greetings from the Bolt Bus!”

  1. Newbius said

    Try loading Map Point or Streets and Trips onto the Eee. Nowadays the software actually comes with a USB GPS antenna that is about the size of a saltine cracker and not much thicker. All for about $100 retail (and less than that online at places like Newegg.com or Amazon).

  2. Ian Argent said

    Freelance it – you’re allowed to operate electronics freely on the bus. Admittedly, you have ot have a GPS-aware device, but there’s several ways to push your geo-status out to known (or unknown if you’re daring) internet consumers. Google LAtitude comes to mind, but there are other options

  3. So nice seeing you! Next time at the Kitty Den!

  4. totwtytr said

    If you took the Limoliner let me know how you liked it.

    I made that same trip on Saturday in the rain, only I had to do the driving. Unfortunately, I had a car full of people so the bus was not an option.

  5. totwtytr said

    Duh, never mind. I never even heard of Bolt Bus before I read this.

  6. My Smartphone works just fine on the train. I’ve watched my tavels on Google Maps a few times…and once to notice I was on the WRONG TRAIN!!!!

    I LOVE public transit, takes me about 30mins longer to get to work, but the loss of aggravation is WORTH IT!

  7. OrangeNeckInNY said

    They just came out with a “kid tracker” – a GPS unit that sends a signal to the GPS satellite system and you can go on the computer to track where your kid is. If you had one of those on your trip, you could have tracked yourself whilst on the bus.

    Too bad you didn’t tell me when you were going to be in NYC. I could’ve driven out there and met you all in real life. And Shoothouse Barbie was out at Brookhaven. I could’ve taken her to the gun range that’s near there.

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