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Otherwise known as a timberdoodle

Posted by Lissa on October 27, 2009

This . . . is a woodcock in its natural habitat:


THIS . . . is a woodcock in a most un-natural habitat.  Said habitat being the sidewalk outside my office, after having crashed into the glass.

Sidewalk woodcock

I stood by the poor thing for a good forty-five minutes waiting for animal control to show up.  It didn’t move at all until right before the guy got there.  When it did move, it suddenly flapped its wings and darted across the sidewalk . . . to smash into the glass, this time at floor-level.


Yes, I considered whacking it on the head or (as someone recommended) wringing its neck.  I didn’t because

A) I wasn’t sure it was internally damaged; if it were only stunned, it could be healed.  (The fact that woodcocks have a moveable beak makes me hope it was bleeding from the beak, not internally.)

B) I was too scared that I’d just hurt it, instead of mercy-killing it.

Anyway, the Animal Control guy popped it in a cardboard box and carried it off.  I asked him if they’d just euthanize it, or try to fix it; he said he’d leave it at the vet and thought it would probably be okay.

By the way . . . you’d be AMAZED how many people walk without looking where their frickin’ feet are going.  I stood there for forty-five minutes because otherwise that poor thing would have been punted like a soccer ball twenty times over.

(No, I was not tempted to take it home for Rajah to play with.  Wild birds often have lice, you know!)


2 Responses to “Otherwise known as a timberdoodle”

  1. Les said

    Since the Woodcock is a protected migratory game bird,even if putting it out of its misery was the humane thing to do, you could end up in more trouble than you can imagine if you did.(Violation of state and possible Federal game laws)

  2. jimbob86 said

    “he’d leave it at the vet and thought it would probably be okay.”

    Either he’s lying or he’s a moron. A bird that tiny losing that much blood is not going to be able to compensate for that loss…. he’s done dealing.

    While Les is correct about game law violations….. the right thing would have been to put it out of its misery.

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