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Three-pic Thursday: 3/19/09

Posted by Lissa on March 19, 2009

Good morning all!  Somewhere along the way I lost my tradition of dumping photos every Thursday.  Since I’m in the grips of a strange fatigue and apathy — I’m just TIRED lately, for no particular reason —  this seems as good a time as any to revive the tradition.

First up, a shot of our lovely Mia, Resident Princess at the Lissaville Animal Shelter:


Doesn’t anyone want to adopt a nice purry white kitty?  She’s lovely-tempered, soft and sweet, and the poor thing shares her cage with the most vicious feline b*tch this side of the Mississippi.  (We all hate her cage-mate, Victoria.  That thing is wicked.)

As an update to my pasta puttanesca post — I really do love my Rachel Ray cookbook!  True, some of her recipes are kind of complicated — to me, anything that requires more than seven ingredients is complicated — but once the basic recipe is mastered, it’s easy to crank out the variations.  Take out the capers and olives, add in crabmeat, mussels and basil, and voila — Frutti di Mare!


And finally . . .  I was walking to Downtown Crossing, enjoying a rare sunny afternoon, when I turned a corner and stopped dead.  Even for a non-religious, Biblically-ignorant young person like myself, a sight like this makes one take notice:


Happy Thursday!

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