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It just sounds better in Italian!

Posted by Lissa on August 28, 2008

After all, would YOU offer “whore’s spaghetti” to a guest?  Or your mother??

Adventures in cooking continue!  I do love my Rachel Ray cookbook, but, damn, I wish I had her helpers in addition to her recipes.  The actual cooking of the dish definitely takes less than thirty minutes (last night, about twenty minutes).  However, if you include the time needed to 1) de-tail a pound of shrimp, 2) pluck the leaves of two handfuls of fresh parsley, wash it and finely chop it, 3) drain and coarsely chop four tablespoons of capers, 4) peel eight cloves of garlic, and 5) open two cans of tomatoes, then the time it takes to cook dinner goes up just a WEE smidgen.  (I wasn’t QUITE brave enough to add anchovies as instructed.  Maybe next time?)  Oh, and tack on three minutes scattered throughout to elbow the cat’s paws off the counter.

We were happy with the result (although I’m going easier on the red pepper flakes next time; good god):

That was AFTER I’d had one bowl and Mike had eaten two.  Don’t cook this unless you’re hungry!

2 Responses to “It just sounds better in Italian!”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    I’d totally cook it because of the name alone.

  2. […] an update to my pasta puttanesca post – I really do love my Rachel Ray cookbook!  True, some of her recipes are kind of […]

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