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Yeah, I’ll take that score

Posted by Lissa on November 25, 2008


However, I’m fairly sure that five years ago I’d have been lucky to get a 70.  Hooray for the alternate media! 

And you, dear blog readers?  Aren’t you just dying to test your civic knowledge?  Leave your score in the comments, if you like!

For full disclosure: These were the questions I got wrong (spoiler alert, so don’t click until AFTER you take the test!)

(UPDATE: The pagination can’t decide whether to work or not, so the spoiler text is in white; highlight to read it.  Stupid pagination button.)

Question #4 – B. Would slavery be allowed to expand to new territories?
Question #7 – D. Gettysburg Address
Question #33 – D. tax per person equals government spending per person

In my defense —

#4) Um, actually, no defense there.  I need to bone up on my Civil War history.

#7) See #4

#33) I don’t like the wording of this one.  Just because the government spending equals taxes (i.e. government revenue) does NOT mean the tax collected per person equals spending per person.  If they’d used the phrase “average” (i.e., average spending per person) then I would have had a better shot!

(h/t Ace)

UPDATE: Marko linked, as did Tam.  Thanks!

2 Responses to “Yeah, I’ll take that score”

  1. Bob S. said

    I took it. To my shame I missed 2, scored 31 out of 33 for 9.394%

    I would be interested in seeing if there is a liberal/conservative difference in scores.

  2. Mike said

    I likewise missed two of them. I’ll be honest, though, that I was rather disappointed in seeing the questions after having seen several news stories about how poorly people have performed. Many of them are worded poorly or are pretty much irrelevant to modern day government questions. The trivia questions are interesting to people like me, but have little bearing on modern democracy.

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