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Labor Day

Posted by Lissa on October 21, 2012

24 hours of contractions, another 18.5 hours at the hospital, and look what we got!


25 Responses to “Labor Day”

    Congratulations, you lucky people.

  2. B said

    have fun as a new parent 🙂


  3. ZerCool said

    Hooray! Congrats!

  4. Borepatch said

    Yay! I’m jealous of all the hair … 😉

  5. Amy said

    Congrats! 🙂

  6. doubletrouble said

    Congrats Lissa & Mike! (and welcome home Babykitty)
    Now, the fun begins…

  7. Peter said

    Great! Now for the 2 a.m. feeds . . .

  8. Minniesue@gmail.com said

    So VERY thrilled for you!!!!!!

  9. Old NFO said

    Congratulations! Now get some rest!!!

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Brad_in_MA said

    A big and hearty Mazel Tov and L’Chaim to you and Mike.

  12. Jay G. said

    Congratulations! YAY BABY!!!

    Your life, as you have known it, is over. You are now in the “parent club”, and you are in for a wild ride, the likes of which you have never experienced. The highs are amazing – just wait until the first time you hear “mama” come from your child’s lips – but the lows are terrifying (and the worst I’ve dealt with is a broken arm and a meningitis scare; Lord knows there are parents out there that have gone through MUCH worse). There’s nothing as scary as your child with a high temperature; there’s nothing quite as amazing as watching your child grow.

    And whatever you do, try not to blink too much – you’ll miss things. My kids were babies last week (or so it seems); now I’ve got one about to go to middle school and my youngest about to hit double digits…

    Congrats, Lissa. You and Mike are going to LOVE being parents! Just watch out for beets and what they can do… 😉

  13. Wally said

    Woohoo! Congratz guys !!

  14. JD said


  15. Oh, Lissa, he is just BEAUTIFUL! All that hair!! Congratulations and hope you are feeling wonderful!!!
    Enjoy every moment, I know you will, you are truly blessed.

  16. libertyman said

    Wonderful news!

  17. Ruth said


  18. Hooray for Babies!!!!!

  19. bogie said

    Congrats – you are done sleeping for the rest of you life!

  20. Don F said

    Wishing you joy and peace and some sleep. YAYYY!!!!!


  21. Congratulations! What a beautiful and sweet baby. Best wishes to you and your family!

  22. Dr. Feelgood said

    Congratulations! Prayers for health and strength.

  23. attyya said

    a beautiful babykitty!

  24. julie said

    Ah congrats – not sure how I missed the news …

  25. Let me be the last person to congratulate you. I really have to stay more current on my blog reading.

    Seriously, I’m incredibly happy that you and Mike are now parents and that all is well with Baby Kitty.

    With all those hours of labor, you surely earned your reward.


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