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A small ray of sunshine from London

Posted by Lissa on August 16, 2011

Mike sends this feel-good snippet of the day (subscriber only):

“They come to our shops,” one man told the London Daily Mail last week, “and we fight them with sticks.” When a gang invaded an upscale restaurant, threatening customers and demanding their valuables, the staff attacked them brandishing knives and drove them out.

Of course, the subtitle of the article — “In a civilized society, people would be allowed to defend themselves with guns, not baseball bats” — is both quite true and quite depressing. Still, we here at LookingForLissa celebrate those who defend themselves in spite of ridiculous limitations on the tools they can use to do so.

3 Responses to “A small ray of sunshine from London”

  1. julie said

    totally agree .. here we had a ‘feel good’ story of a shopkeeper chasing armed robbers out of his store with a rubbish bin! http://jigsawsthoughts.blogspot.com/2011/08/well-done.html

    I think a shotgun would have been a better option, but he’ld be facing jail if he had done that.

  2. Sadly in the UK these same people, by using ANYTHING as a weapon, can be charged with using an offensive weapon and jailed anyway, in spite of the self defence aspect. I know, not as likely during a full-on riot, but a riot isn’t always handy when one needs to protect themselves.

    I certianly agree that anyone fighting back is a “ray of sunshine”; however, that particular ray is threatened by some very dark and bleak clouds of liberty lost.


  3. Brad K. said

    Don’t forget the lowly broom handle. the three-tine pitchfork, the pick axe and the shovel. Or the vinegar, or the sugar and water. Boiling salad oil or bacon grease might be effective, but would seem sort of medieval. Of course, it worked back then. Just look at the opening scene of Shrek for a couple of non-firearm weapon examples. Hint: Practice is needed for each choice.

    Then there is “playing possum” and hoping that the criminals breaking and entering, and threatening, won’t also break laws against hurting people or destroying or stealing property.

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