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Bloggershoot, Part the Third: The Gunnies! (And pix)

Posted by Lissa on July 24, 2008

Well, amen to that.  Bruce, were these yours? 

As I wrote before, I am extremely sad I didn’t get a video of Bruce singing while we waited for our subs to be ready.  He was not exactly how I pictured him while reading his blog; I thought he’d be older and more dryly cynical.  I would not have guessed that he’d stand around singing songs about potatoes in a perfect Maine accent.  Bruce, perhaps if you posted a picture of yourself in a kilt for your “About” page, we could avoid these misconceptions in the future?  Although, really, this shot would probably have the same effect:

Which we do we like better, boys ‘n’ girls?  The TeleTubbie with its insides on the outside, or the lil’ Shrek dolls waiting to be murdered?

Bruce and Jay were the only folks I actually “knew” (on an Internet basis) before I headed up to the Meet.  Unlike Bruce, Jay was pretty much what I expected, looks and temperament wise.  I think this picwas all that was needed to get an accurate feel for Jay.  (By the way, I’d change it to “If you make her cry, I will make you bleed.”  Just sayin’.)  He ran around all day like an insane yet friendly hybrid of Dr. Evil and John Malkovich, garnished with a dash of the Monopoly guy.  And his bayonet charge was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a loooooong time

I hadn’t run across Ted before the meet, but if I had I’d be surprised at how young he was.  Ted, are you sure that picture is of you?  It doesn’t look like you!!  Poor Ted sat next to me during lunch so he had to listen to me the whole time; sorry, mate.  As a silver lining, I amused myself by force-feeding him cookies 🙂

Here’s my best shot of the range along its length; you can see poor Laa-Laa dangling, desperately trying to believe that one day — ONE DAY — this death-by-a-thousand-shots will come to a merciful end.  And perhaps some nice little girl will take her down, and bring her home, and patch her up, and she’ll wake up as the Velveteen Rabbit.  Or maybe even Sleeping Beauty.  NOT LIKELY, YOU IRRITATING YELLOW SPAWN OF CHILD-SATAN.

Oh yeah, and you can see, from left to right, zeeke42, JD and TOTWTYTR.  Sorry guys, I got distracted by my gut-deep dislike of moronic singing pieces of [bleep].

I just thought this looked cool:

As did these:

A few more odds and ends tomorrow, but I suppose we have to end the post with this:

I hope Justice Stevens has nightmares about this.  And incontinence.

I didn’t mean that.

Or maybe I did.

7 Responses to “Bloggershoot, Part the Third: The Gunnies! (And pix)”

  1. secretlivesofscientists said

    “I hope Justice Stevens has nightmares about this. And incontinence.”

    to quote Justice Scalia, HOW GROTESQUE!!!!

    If no one has killed sponge bob yet, I call dibs. Or, well, at least be kind and send me before and after shots. oohoooh – and please please put some Disney on the block (personal vendetta).

  2. Breda said

    Almost as good as being there! Thanks, Lissa!

  3. Jay G said

    “an insane yet friendly hybrid of Dr. Evil and John Malkovich”

    This has been added to my “What Others Are Saying About Me” section, right along with Marko’s “unhinged, but in a fun way” comment…

    (And I could have sworn I posted a comment on this last night…)

  4. lookingforlissa said

    ShootBarbie, next time I’ll bring Disney, Barney and Bob the Builder (“Yes we ca– OH SHIT!”)

    Breda, PLEASE come out this way! That gathering will be the “Meet, Greet and Worship Breda” Bloggershoot

    Jay, glad you liked it, though I hold that there’s a little bit of the Monopoly guy in the mix, for sure

  5. Breda said

    well, gosh, Lissa. How could I possibly resist an invitation like that?

  6. mike w. said

    Excellent write up Lissa. That last bit has been quoted.

  7. Ted said

    Boy, you sure do capture the mood in a few words:

    “And perhaps some nice little girl will take her down, and bring her home, and patch her up, and she’ll wake up as the Velveteen Rabbit.”

    One good thing about being a crotchety old guy is that my kids have outgrown their stuffed toys, I mean targets. 😉

    One thing that the Mrs. and I talked about was it’s too bad we only have boys, because otherwise we could shoot a Barbie. Unless we dressed her in the GI Joe gear, in which case she could return fire ….

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