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Quote of the Day

Posted by Lissa on March 3, 2010

Citizen access to firearms has reduced crime rates time and again, but this is more than a matter of practicality. It’s a question of principle. The people of an orderly nation surrender the business of vengeance to the government, replacing it with the rule of law. They cannot be expected to surrender the right of defense. The right to protect yourself, and your family, from injury and death is an essential part of your dignity as a free man or woman. Without the First Amendment, you are a slave. Without the Second, you are a child.

(BTW, the author does not own a firearm, which does not keep him from supporting the right to do so.  That describes many of my readers!)

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All hail The Oatmeal!

Posted by Lissa on February 10, 2010

No, no, not OATMEAL, as in the hot gooey stuff you eat for breakfast.  Today we’re celebrating *THE* Oatmeal, as in, the psychotic web design guy who runs this site.  I’d run across some of his stuff before — such as Things Bears Love or Five Reasons Pigs Are More Awesome Than You — without realizing it was the same author. Ditto on a few of the quizzes I’ve taken.

Since I can’t seem to wake up this week, here’s the first bit of his 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.  Go look!

P.S. Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post!  I’m still mulling them over; might do a response blogpost tomorrow.

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Fun with foil-cutters

Posted by Lissa on February 5, 2010

I could have more accurately titled this post, “F*** foil-cutters,” but that would be vulgar (she said primly).

Dear my god, but it’s cold outside.  The alarm started going off at 5 AM, I reached out to whack snooze and drew back a paw covered in icicles.  The cat had abandoned his usual sleeping spot between my legs and migrated to my chest.  The implicit trade-off — more warmth for him, but more difficulty breathing for me — bothered him not a whit.  (Yes, yes, he would be both appropriately punished and warmer if he were wearing an elf hat and booties  Soon, Breda, I promise!)

Anyway, regarding foil-cutters – I don’t like them.  The ones with little blades quickly wear out; the blades go dull, or the doohickey just breaks in half.  Slicing about the neck of the bottle with a tiny knife has always seemed silly to me, and I rarely get a clean cut anyway.  My preferred methods have therefore been to A) stab the top of the foil with a corkscrew then rip it up with my fingers, or B) ignore the foil altogether and draw the cork up through it.

Mike hates this.  He has to pretend not to watch while I mangle the foil.  I don’t taunt him or anything.  Of course not.

But — thank you, B! — the problem is now solved.  Ta-da!!!!!

That’s right!  If the foil is loose enough to turn on the bottle, it’s usually loose enough for you to grab in your fist and pull directly off the bottle.

Plus, you get a fun little foil cylinder to play with!  (No, dear, it’s not a shot glass.  Put down the Jack Daniels.)

So there’s your happy tip for the weekend.  Forget foil-cutters, and just use your fist.  (And don’t forget to make appropriate grunting sounds while removing it, and a roar of triumph when it comes off.  Duh.)

Happy Friday, all!  Stay warm!

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In honor of Calvin and Hobbes

Posted by Lissa on February 3, 2010

Like everyone else, I was and am a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan.  I admire Bill Waterson for going out when the getting was good, instead of milking the franchise until it died.  In his honor:

(Like the entire C&H collection, if someone ever gives it to me.  I’ll put it away for my kids, after reading it ten or fifteen times.  Swear!!)

(I believe I first saw this at Cranky’s, but I can’t find the post.  Laugh at this one instead.)

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Posted by Lissa on November 24, 2009




No, I’m NOT going to post a picture yet!  They need a before-and-after shot!  The “after” shot must be riddled with bullets!  It’s just the way it has to be!

Watch this space, my friends.  On Friday, I will reveal all!  And it will be A MINDBLOWING PINNACLE OF AWESOME.

On an unrelated note . . .

“Why yes, we realize that Cork is in a state of emergency.  No, this does not impart any flexibility whatsoever in canceling or altering your flight from London to Cork.”

Aer Lingus can suck Rajah’s furry hindquarters, is what I’m saying.  Git-wankers, they are.

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A fitting Veterans’ Day tribute

Posted by Lissa on November 13, 2009

What a wonderful tribute to our vets!  This one was my favorite:

And this one just made me bloody bawl.

God bless our soldiers.

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LawDog’s Greatest Hits

Posted by Lissa on October 22, 2009

I’m sleepy and bleary and fresh out of inspiration this morning; brilliance is NOT on the menu.  (If ever it were.)  Instead, I’ll send you along to one of my very favorite bloggers — he’s a helluva storyteller.

So!  All my favorite LawDog stories, assembled for your convenience:

The Squeaks Adventure (pt1; and pt2)

The Ratel Saga (pt 1; pt 2; pt 3; pt 4; pt 5; and pt 6)

The Kittenator Meets the Vet

Salsa ≠ Wasabi

The Girl with the Tray of Doom

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Pearl Steals a Steak

The Chuckie Incident

Don’t Make Me Hurt You, Bubba

LawDog Gets the Stomach Flu

Apparently, Santa’s a Sumbitch

And finally — “the one that started it all,” LawDog and the Amorous Armadillo

Anything I miss?

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New NCIS commercial

Posted by Lissa on September 25, 2009

For my fellow NCIS fans

Like many ladies my age, I developed a soft spot for Chris O’Donnell a long time ago, and it all stems from this:


But Lissa, you say, can he really be forgiven for that travesty of a movie called Batman and Robin?

To which I respond, That’s not a problem because THAT MOVIE NEVER HAPPENED.  THERE WAS NO SUCH MOVIE.  SHUT UP.

(Previous NCIS blogging here, here and here)

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Seen on the streets of downtown Boston

Posted by Lissa on July 16, 2009

A few blocks away from Downtown Crossing I did a double-take.  I mean, sure, I’ve been talking about how the chilly, cloudy, hazy weather reminded me of London, but that doesn’t mean I expect a slice of London to show up on the streets of Boston!


No seriously, that’s in Boston!


Of course, the driver was on the right side, meaning he was on the left side, and the back seat door handle wasn’t reachable by the driver, but even so — I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

How odd!  Now, if only I could find a nice bacon sandwich and a pint of Kronenbourg 1664 . . .

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“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Posted by Lissa on July 16, 2009

I love it:

Ladies and gentlemen of the Hot Air community, I have discovered an unfair disparity in access to a vital resource based on the economic condition of the consumer. This disparity is not just egregious, but it threatens the very core of our American way of life. People routinely get denied adequate and competent service on the basis of their ability to pay, even though they have a right to it, while the rich eat up all the resources with their ability to access the best and brightest in the field. And in the interest of fairness, the federal government needs to find a solution and impose it on the industry as a whole.

I refer, of course, to legal representation. [snip]

Even beyond that, though, the wealthy and connected have access to a much wider range of legal services than even the middle class can afford. Estate planning, trust funds, tax shelters — all of these can be expertly provided to those with the resources to afford them, while other Americans get second-class status in our legal system. For those who aspire to egalitarianism of result, this arrangement should be such an affront that it demands real action — now.

I propose that the government impose a single-payer system on the legal profession. Instead of charging private fees, all attorneys would have to send their bills to LegalCare, a new agency in the federal government. Because the government can bargain collectively, they can impose rational fees for legal services instead of the exorbitant billing fees attorneys now charge. Three hundred dollars an hour? Thing of the past. Everyone knows that the government can control costs through price-setting; now we can see this process applied to the legal system, where the government has a large interest in seeing cost savings.


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