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Happy Caturday: Gnawing edition

Posted by Lissa on August 7, 2011

Take this :


Add this:


And you get this:


Rajah is very displeased that I took away his favorite chew toy, but I don’t want him swallowing any of it 🙂

Happy Caturday all!!

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Bratty cat!!

Posted by Lissa on July 21, 2011

With the warm weather, Rajah has been skipping some of his nightly cuddling. While I miss him, it IS kind of hot, so it’s okay.

But he’s a cat. And therefore, a brat. A brat who will wait until AFTER I HIT SNOOZE TWICE AND REALLY REALLY NEED TO GET UP to THROW himself down in my lap, curl up, and start purring madly.


Sigh. Good thing he’s cute.

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Posted by Lissa on July 13, 2011

There was a leg near the wall in my living room today.



Which, of course, begs the question:



Remind me not to kiss Rajah for the next few days …

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Happy Caturday: Vending Machine Edition

Posted by Lissa on June 18, 2011

Maybe he’s not as dumb as I think he is?

That’s his automatic feeder, and he’s figured out how to stick his paw up the mouth and make it spit out food. No wonder he’s gaining weight!!!

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Happy Caturday – Begging Edition

Posted by Lissa on April 10, 2011

“Mine? Mine? Mine?”


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Test over! Happy Caturday!

Posted by Lissa on March 19, 2011

Whew! I don’t know if I aced it, but I’m fairly sure I got an A. Of course, I had a slight heart attack because, while I knew perfectly the STEPS for each, I suddenly couldn’t remember the NAMES of endochondral versus intramembranous ossification. Thank goodness I guessed correctly, or it would have cost me 15 points of essay. Yay!

In celebration, I offer you a Helpful Rajah, carefully assisting mommy in her studies:

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Happy Caturday: Frustrated Rajah edition

Posted by Lissa on February 6, 2011

Hey, remember this video?

Well, it’s been WEEKS since I’ve suffered a Rajah-bite.  He used to try at least once a day and draw blood perhaps once a week, yet (by rough count) I’ve gone about 21 days without a puncture.

Has he suddenly become a reformed character?

Hardly.  It’s just that I’ve had the following brilliant insights:

1. Given prior warning (i.e. no stalking), I’m faster than he is.

2. I have two hands and he can only watch one of them at a time.

And thus, the game that I call “Pattycake” was born!

(Note – turn up the volume to truly appreciate the anguished longing in his howls!)

Camera credit goes to Mike.  (I was so busy provoking  the kitty and avoiding his lunges that I didn’t even notice the camera till we were done!)

And go Packers!!!

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SumCat was here!!

Posted by Lissa on January 24, 2011


I’m sitting peacefully at my sewing/study table pegging away at my Nutrition textbook.  (Side note: I’ve got to do a post about the weirder, more interesting tidbits I’ve encountered in my return to schooling.)  Sure, I’m a little tired since I woke up at 3:45 AM, but I’ve had a granola bar and a cup of coffee, I’m two-thirds done, and I have a cat cozily perched next to me for company.  My iPhone is playing Indian Classical Music*, the birds are singing, and I can now describe the difference between a gastroduodenostomy and a gastrojejunostomy.  All is well.

And then my concentration is broken as a drop of water falls onto my syllabus.

Wha? I thought muzzily.  Did I drool?

A musical chime of liquid whispers to my left.

SumCat strikes again!!

P.S. I thought I actually caught his paw dipping down, but my iPhone camera deceived me — boo!

P.P.S. Mike laughs at me, but it actually makes a lot of sense to keep my water in that door pocket — it’s within easy reach, but if I accidentally knock it over it won’t impact the sewing machine (water + electronics = bad!!) nor the expensive textbooks.)

P.P.P.S. Rajah is feeling much better, thank you everyone!  He had his last Clavamox dose yesterday morning, and none too soon — it was starting to irritate his stomach and his resistance had changed from mild distaste to strong claw-stabby stiff-legged get-that-shite-away-from-me aversion.  His appetite had dropped just enough that, combined with occasional vomiting, I was getting seriously worried; however, everything’s back to normal now.  Including the lack of compulsive licking and discontinued impotent-frequent litter box trips.  Yay hooray!!

*I took a Music of Asia class my freshman year in college — China, India, Japan and Korea.  I’ve found that classical Indian music makes great study/writing background noise.

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Rajah has a drinking problem

Posted by Lissa on January 20, 2011

Don’t miss the credits at the end!

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Poor Rajah’s had a rough morning

Posted by Lissa on January 14, 2011

I noticed yesterday morning that Rajah was grooming his man-bits more compulsively than normal.  He seemed okay during the afternoon — his usual six-hour nap was uninterrupted — but then during the evening I observed him going to his litter box MUCH more frequently than normal.  Impotently, too — he wasn’t producing anything.

“Oh joy,” said I to myself.  “Urinary tract infection!  Hooray!”

He only had three of the six most-common symptoms; he wasn’t crying in the litter box, having accidents, or bleeding, so that was good.  But still, it was awfully hard last night to watch him going to the box over and over.  I tried to distract him with toys and petting and treats.

It was harder this morning when I popped awake at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep.  The vet didn’t open for another three hours.  So, three hours of watching my poor kitty compulsively scratch in the litter box and lick his much-abused private parts.

The vet finally opened and I made the earliest possible appointment.  Unfortunately, that was 9:30.  So, another two hours of watching Rajah suffer — fun fun!  Actually, happily, it wasn’t that bad.  He slept for almost an hour on my lap, and then getting breakfast and getting dressed and getting him into the carrier took up a good chunk of the remainder.

Like most cats, Rajah hates the vet.  He cowered and looked miserable and tried to make it all disappear by hiding his face in the crook of my elbow.  When that didn’t work, he moved on to more drastic methods: having his first small accident on the vet counter.  So add the pungent reek of cat pee to the morning’s festivities.

The doc agreed that it was probably a UTI and gave me two bottles of oral antibiotics. I thanked him, paid, and brought Rajah home.

Only to pull him out of the carrier and squirt 1 ML of Clavamox into his mouth.  Yum yum!

And it turned out that his underside was sodden with urine.  So then he got sink-scrubbed.

And it’s not even eleven AM yet!

I know y’all wanted kitty pix, but probably not this one:

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