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Apps, Apps, Apps!

Posted by Lissa on February 25, 2010

Good morning all!  Welcome to the All Apps, All The Time show!  I’m your humble host, Lissa, newly brainwashed by the Borg and eager to time-suck your soul!

Seriously, it seems like all I’ve done for the last two days is hang out at the App Store to sample its wares.  I look back at the pre-iPhone days — sepia-toned, the edges curling with age — and recall paying $4.99 for a single game of Tetris.  Those days are OVER, my friends.  Over and gone.

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations!  Thanks especially to Breda, who pointed out freeappalert.com.  I’m trying not to run wild like a little kid in a candy store, which means that I’m concentrating on free (often “Lite”) downloads until I sober up.  (How’s that for mixed metaphors?)

Yesterday’s apps:

  • Voodoo Doll — Hypothetically, I may have, allegedly, uploaded a picture of one of the more annoying bigwigs in the company.  I can neither confirm nor deny any poking of pins that may have come as a result.
  • Amazon.com — Hat tip to Mike, it does work a LOT better than the web browser.
  • Popatronic — Fun game, but the game lasted for an awfully long time.  Happily, it will let you go away and come back to your unfinished game.
  • Doodle Army — This one’s . . . interesting.  So far I’ve gotten spectacularly dead.
  • Gorillacam — Wow, the iPhone camera is a lot better than I thought!
  • PillMaster — A quick-flick sorting game, I downloaded it purely so I could call myself the PillMaster.  FEAR THE PILLMASTER, Y’ALL.
  • GlowBrick — Um, it’s Pong.  Not a keeper.
  • And finally, SpinPuzzle — I really like this one!  Sure, the pictures of waify anorexic emo elves is a little silly, but this slide-and-rotate-the-pieces-around jigsaw is very entertaining.

That’s all from today’s All Apps, All The Time Show!  Thank you, please tip your waitress, and come back soon!

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Lissa joins the Borg

Posted by Lissa on February 23, 2010

Lissa lost her Apple cherry!  Yes folks, I am the proud owner of a 3G S iPhone.  SQUEEE!!!

You see, my husband is the bestest, most generous, most wife-spoiling sweetie EVER.  (Duh.)  When I mentioned that I really wanted a smartphone and was sad that I didn’t have an upgrade until October, he selflessly offered me his upgrade, available this week, to steal if I wanted.


I’ve wanted an iPhone since they came out, really, but

a) I hate Macs.  Hate’ em with fiery fiery passionate loathing.  The buttons are all wrong and the keyboards are too small and no external disk drive and HATE HATE HATE.  (No, I did NOT just describe my perfect happy little Eee.  Shut up.)

b) I NEVER get technology when it first comes out, as the price will drop (as will the number of bugs) within the first few months.

So I’ve eyed them wistfully and longingly until now.

And, just like the Lasik, Mike took a passing “Gosh I wish I had . . . ” remark and turned it into action.  He is SUCH a keeper 🙂

Oh, and the really happy part? When I went to the phone store they said that, since my line migrated in February (we moved my single line to Mike’s line for a family plan), I counted for my own upgrade.  Yay!!  There’s a decent possibility we’ll be back at the phone store this weekend using Mike’s upgrade for a second iPhone.  Just sayin’.  🙂  (He still gets full brownie points though, because 1) he was *willing* to give me his, and 2) I wouldn’t have gone to the store and found out I was upgrade-eligible if he hadn’t.)

Seriously, this thing ROCKS!!!ELEVENTY!!.  I fell asleep last night with the assistance of the Sleep Machine (free), combining the sound of a fan and the sound of a beach.  It was a perfect way to climb down after playing the virtual piano (free), Skeeball ($0.99), Battle Bears (free, and if you’ve never kasploded the heads of pink zombie teddies and watched rainbows shoot out of their necks, well, then, you haven’t LIVED), popped some bubble wrap (free), caught some eggs (free), scared my cat with Kitty! sounds (free), used my phone as a lightsaber (free, and purely for Mike’s benefit), read some of my book on the Kindle app (free), checked some comments on the WordPress app (free), listened to music with Pandora (free), and checked Today In History (free).  Before I’d climbed out of bed this morning I’d checked email and the weather, Skype’d my husband and looked at Facebook updates.  I’d have stayed there longer except the coffee was patiently awaiting me to put it in my face.  If an iPhone dispensed coffee, I’d be in bed till next week.

Is there an app for that?

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Movie Review: Zombieland

Posted by Lissa on February 16, 2010

Short review: Gross but funny!

Longer review: No, seriously, the special effects part of this movie were GROSS.  Gross enough that I looked at the chili I was about to heat up for dinner, and looked at the screen, and asked Mike to kill the movie and put on a TV show until we were done eating.  That gross.  Slobbering-blood-and-gnawing-tendons gross.

Whoever thought up and executed this movie had a pretty wacky sense of humor.  It was enjoyable . . . but have I mentioned I’m a scary movie wuss? Complete and utter wimp when it comes to anything creepy or crawly or blood-and-guts-y.  The Shining makes me keep lights on at night for weeks.  Ditto The Sixth Sense. (It’s been long enough that I can watch Sixth Sense and still be functional, but I’m ONLY allowed to watch it in the daylight.  Same goes for Sin City.)

So, when I popped awake at 3 AM, the first thing I did was frantically check Mike’s mouth for signs of blood.  (Thank you Lasik!)  Seeing as how he was not drooling nasty bodily fluids, I assured myself he was still human, movies were only movies and I was a childish moron, and closed my eyes.

I did the same at 3:03.

And again at 3:05.

And again at 3:08.

You get the picture.

It took me until 4 AM until I was brave enough to get out of bed and go use the litter box.

Thank God Mike is a sound sleeper.  Because if he’d rolled over and gnarled at me, I swear I would have screamed.

And possibly elbowed him in the face.

I would not have used any deadlier force than that, because I’m not that stupid.

Only a wuss.

So — funny movie, don’t plan on eating chili while watching it, and check your loved ones for blood during the night as necessary.

Happy Tuesday!

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Posted by Lissa on December 21, 2009

Or: Two entertainment reviews and a whine!

The Good: Straight No Chaser

Well, I’m sure many of my readers think that straight drinks with no chaser are inherently good, but actually I was speaking of the a capella group from Indiana University.  They came to the Berklee Theater on Saturday night and rocked the house.  The singing was great, the music and choreography was original — they hit everything from Jingle Bells to Amy Winehouse’s Rehab — and the showmanship was superb.  What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

If y’all want some fun Christmas music to play while the kids rip open their presents, I highly recommend their Christmas albums!

The Bad: Inglourious Basterds

This movie was, I swear, Quentin Tarantino’s attempt at making Dr. Strangelove.  The flick was just weird. It was viciously graphic in places — I can’t tell you exactly how, because I covered my eyes for some of it — and weirdly spaghetti-western in others (this could be due to the fact that he borrowed a bunch of music from his Kill Bill films).  The plot was confusing and convoluted.

Spoiler alert!  Highlight the next paragraph to read my complaint:

So . . . they kill Hitler by shooting him, then lighting the theater on fire, then blowing it up with explosives.  A little overkill, anyone?  And if Col. Landers was kind-of an undercover good guy, why the completely unnecessary snuff scene with Diane Krueger?  And she’d left behind a shoe AND an autograph at the bar murder scene?  SRSLY?  And Shoshanna Dreyfus dying in her red dress was straight-up ridiculous, y’all.

So the answer, Shoothouse Barbie, is — no, you’re not the only one who saw it and didn’t like it, though I wouldn’t say I hated it with fiery passion.  I’d say my reaction was more confused distaste and distilled WTF, over.

And The Ugly?  That would be my hair this morning, until I showered.  It was ugly because I couldn’t shower yesterday morning due to the icy freezing cold water coming out of my HOT faucet.  For the second morning in a row. (It thawed out enough Saturday night for me to take a warmish shower; I wasn’t, like, smelly or anything.)  Happily, everything seemed to be in order today.  It saved me the trouble of throwing a hissy fit to the maintenance guys.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Posted by Lissa on November 16, 2009

Up (4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD) [Blu-ray]

Up (4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD) [Blu-ray] (2009)

Starring: Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai Director: Bob Peterson, Pete Docter Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) Format: Blu-ray

List Price: $45.99
Price: $19.99 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime //

Okay, so, it belongs to Mike too — after all, he’s the one who bought it (thank you sweetie) —  but it’s still MINE ALL MINE.

I *LOVED* this movie when we saw it in the theaters.  I thought it was a super-sweet tale about courage, romantic devotion, and life-worth-living.  I can’t wait to watch it at home, where I’ll have a full box of Kleenex and therefore Mike and L won’t have to scavenge their pockets for popcorn napkins to stem the deluge.

Of course, I got home too late last night to watch it.  And tonight is choir rehearsal.  And tomorrow I’m going to meet a friend for dinner and then there’s Gun Nuts.  *whimper*  MINE!!!!!

UPDATE:  Jay G also got the UP DVD.  I agree with him that it’s a seriously heavy movie for little kids, especially if they haven’t been introduced to the whole “death” concept yet.

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Was Disney anti-Semitic?

Posted by Lissa on October 13, 2009

Sure, it SEEMS like a completely random question, but here’s what spurred it:

(Be warned that the first three videos I tried had been yanked down by Fox, so I don’t know how long that one will stay valid.  In a nutshell — Stewie and Brian end up in a Disney universe where everything is perfect and wonderful . . . until they beat the crap out of Mort Goldman for being a Jew.)

I thought that perhaps Walt Disney was, like Wagner, known for being an anti-Semite and everyone knew it but me.  However, from what I can see, it’s one of those persisting rumors without a lot of basis in truth.

Mind you, a lot of Hollywood studios that were Disney’s prime competition were run by Jews at the time; it can be hard to tell the difference between anti-Semitism and professional rivalry.  But as a point of fact it was his membership in The Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals that earned him the reputation of an anti-Semite.

And that seems odd to me.  According to Our Lady of Wikipedia, other members included Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne; I don’t hear much talk of their anti-Semitism.

Although perhaps that too is one of those things that everyone knows but me.

P.S.  Go here for a response to that Family Guy clip from a guy who worked at Disney; he didn’t think Walt was anti-Semitic.

P.P.S.  I used to love-love-love Family Guy.  As they’ve gotten more anti-military and partisan, it’s been harder to watch.  (“The US Military – all the brown people you can rape” . . . f*** you, Seth Farland.  And you really think electing Gore in 2000 would lead to flying cars and health care that kept anyone from dying?  SRSLY?)  I persist because FG has moments of brilliance in its comedy.  That, and I need to watch things that irritate me like that at least some of the time; it’s the same reason that makes me drop by HuffPo on occasion.  Good to see what other people think, rather than just reading people I agree with all the time.

P.P.S.  During my search for today’s post I ran across this page.  Good god I love the people at Cracked — I was actually laughing so loud I scared the cat.  Money quote — “Lesson Learned: The late 1800s were a great time to be African-American and possibly on acid.”  (With a close runner-up in the Fantasia section.)

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Nope, not my fault. Try again.

Posted by Lissa on July 8, 2009

Did you know that you helped kill Michael Jackson?  No, really:

While we can separate other popular figures’ popular coda from the actual personality, with Michael Jackson we couldn’t separate the superstar from the man. To us he has always been the child prodigy, the talented teen, the global superstar and the freakshow – never just a human being. To many JFK was a great leader, an inspiration but his womaniser ways are just his humanistic flaws – he was just human after all. Why wasn’t (isn’t) the same formula applied to Michael Jackson?

Make no mistake, we all killed Michael Jackson. Everyone who consumes popular culture dealt a blow to which I believe was a very fragile human being. The pressures of having to perform at such an early age, the overbearing pressures of success, the indecent accusations and ultimately being rejected from the institution that once praised him – one way or another we all played a part.

I for one wish the man and his family nothing but peace, but the kingdom in which he once ruled will find it difficult to do the same.

Me, I’m fairly sure that Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson, heartily enabled by sycophantic doctors and hangers-on who encouraged him to medicate himself to death. I haven’t heard that anyone tied him down and forced drugs into his system — that was his own doing.

Michael Jackson was a sad, sick person who was once a great musician.  He was also fifty years old.  Some people have horrible pressure-laden abusive childhoods and grow into responsible adults.  Some do not.  You can pity the latter, search for root causes and all that, shake your head at what the child had to go through as you please.

But I’ll be damned if I’m going to accept my officially-allotted piece of the blame here.

A public figure . . . trying to sell his music and garner publicity to become a more wealthy, popular public figure . . . managed to sell me some of his music (the Thriller album — great music!) . . . oh, and I used to watch his music videos . . . and therefore I helped kill him?!?

Sorry buddy, I’ve got enough of a guilt-complex already, I’m not tacking on the responsibility for various random celebrities.  Better luck next time.

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Leave Robin Hood alone!

Posted by Lissa on March 16, 2009

Ed Morrissey and Ace are having themselves a little discussion about whether Robin Hood was 1) left-wing; 2) right-wing; 3) capitalist; 4) socialist; 5) evil; 6) pragmatic, etc.


With all due respect to The Altar of Ayn Rand, I think she got this one wrong. Her character Ragnar Danneskjold opines that we must rid the world of the memory of this “hero” who stole from the productive rich and gave to the undeserving poor.  But even he admits that Robin Hood’s “rich” were rich through taxation and exploitation, not production.

Come now, haven’t you all seen the Disney Robin Hood? (“Oodle-lally, oddle-lally, golly what a day!”) We could make that movie the Official Evil Conservative Showcase Movie, it’s got everything!

Powerful state/government figures being corrupted with power? Check!

Those with powers of taxation using them mercilessly to deprive the public of their hard-earned wealth? Check!

Showing that the poorest are hit hardest by greedy government? Check!

Hell, we’ve even got Second Amendment rights — the right of the people to resist tyranny with bows, arrows and swords! Check-checkity-check-check-check!!

If you read the book, it gets even better. The Earl of Locksley, like so many others, was a target of king because his estate was rich; as a result, he was unjustly deprived of his land and station. He refuses to go gently into the good night, instead retiring to Sherwood Forest to live as an outcast and an outlaw. But when he steals from “the rich,” he does not target barons and lords who rule their people well, nor millers, nor tradesmen. He targets what Randians would term “moochers” — sheriffs, monks, abbots, folks who suck money from the helpless but productive people they rule.

What, exactly, is not to like about this?

Hmph.  Ed and Ace must be fox-haters or something.

Full disclosure: I went through a period, some twenty years ago, in which I watched Robin Hood at least once a week. To this day, you can put the movie on mute and I can supply each line, voice by voice, verse by verse. I do a mean Prince John.

and P.S.  Yes, Ed, we can agree that Kevin Costner was the worst Robin Hood EVAH.  In other news, the sky is blue, puppies are cute, and chocolate is delicious.

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