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Experiment warning!

Posted by Lissa on July 29, 2008

In case y’all haven’t figured it out by now, I don’t have a particular theme nor purpose to my blog.  There will definitely be some gun posts, since I’m interested in the tools and also the subject, but this won’t be a gunnie blog; I don’t own a gun yet, so I think that disqualifies me.  There will likely be some political posts, but I follow politics the way some people watch soap operas: I have absolutely no delusions that I’m smart enough to really analyze the serious stuff, so I go a mile wide and an inch deep.  Plus, the only people I can guarantee are going to check out this little doo-hickey are my friends and family, and since most of them are liberals this site can never be liberal-bashing, or at least must always do so in a genteel manner.  Really, this site is my attempt at making a record of things that interest me at the moment, which is why it includes my stabs at domesticity and occasional (forgive me!) pet posts.

That being said, I’m curious whether I read the same sites as everyone who mosies over here.  If not, I can draw your attention to snippets I find interesting, every once in a while.  If so, then I shouldn’t bother unless I have a brilliant original thought/analysis/snark (don’t hold your breath).

With that, I introduce the very first LookingForLissa poll!  Do me a favor and check off all the sites you regularly access for news.  I check the first five every day, six through nine almost every day, and the rest only occasionally.  Let’s see if this works! (Note that you can select more than one; we’re, like, high-tech here and stuff.)

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