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Gardening! Also, I’m smarter than the folks at Home Depot.

Posted by Lissa on June 10, 2014

If not smarter, I’m at least more open-minded 🙂

We moved to a new house in October 2013. Only half a mile down the road from our old house, it gave us another bedroom, another bathroom, a nicer pool, and an actual backyard. The only thing I miss about the old place (besides the neighbors*) is my garden. My rosemary bushes were all about waist high; I still had parsley and Greek oregano and thyme and a few other herbs.

I didn’t want to dig up the lawn and make a garden bed, so I decided to try to imitate this idea instead.

I put the pic on my phone and asked the lady at the front of Home Depot what she recommended for the grate. She didn’t really understand what I was asking for so she called the Garden Guy to the front desk. He hemmed and hawed and told me there was nothing in the garden section that would serve; I should go ask the folks down at Lumber. Which I did.

Lumber Guy thought really hard and brought me to the gate section. Thick, sturdy fencing securely attached to a rigid metal border. Perfect! . . . wait, does that price tag really say $159??? Holy crap!

Lumber Guy agreed that it was a pretty expensive solution and recommended that I build a frame of two-by-fours and staple fencing to it. I explained that I don’t do home improvement stuff, just garden stuff. I wanted to tell him I don’t do staple guns, only real guns, but it didn’t seem productive. He regretfully told me there was nothing in the store that would suit my purposes.

So I wandered around until I found the security bars to put over windows and decided they would suit just fine. THEN I went out to the garden section to measure bags of potting soil and discovered the garden-fence-section racks. PERFECT. *EXACTLY* what I needed.

A few sawhorses, bags of potting soil, seed packets and assembly later, I had the makings of my garden:



Next post I’ll show you how my seedlings are doing!

*It may seem funny that moving half a mile down the road has such a drastic impact on how much I hang out with the nice ladies by the old house, but it does. We all have kids. Whereas previously I could poke my head out and see if anyone was outside playing, I now have to text them and work out schedules to visit. I’ve lost that casual the-whole-neighborhood-is-chatting-at-the-corner vibe.

12 Responses to “Gardening! Also, I’m smarter than the folks at Home Depot.”

  1. bluesun said

    That’s a really cool idea. What do you do after a year or two when the bag starts falling apart? Start a raised bed somewhere?

    • Lissa said

      Toss the bag and buy a new one, I imagine. I’m not planting annuals, just salad greens and the like – shallow roots. I’d have to buy the potting soil anyway, so it’s not a waste of money.

  2. Butch Cassidy said

    I’m glad to see you embracing your inner redneck, but any reason not to recycle tires? They paint well enough, too.

  3. ZerCool said

    The original picture certainly *looks* like it is done with concrete reinforcing mesh, or perhaps a feedlot panel. I get very frustrated with home improvement employees who have no idea what they’re talking about. “Let’s go look it up” came out of my mouth many times when I worked at BBHIS.

    • Lissa said

      And that’s the help I was looking for!! I have no idea what concrete reinforcing mesh nor feedlot panels look like, where they would be located, or how much they would cost. I showed all three employees the picture so that they could do what you just did. Clearly I should have hit up my readers first 🙂

      • ZerCool said

        Concrete reinforcing mesh is sold in panels or rolls in the masonry section of most home improvement stores, and is usually rusty and messy – because it’s going to be buried, so who cares? Feedlot panels are of various sizes but 4’x16′ is not unusual, with 4″ square openings, and is sold at Tractor Supply or the like. Those are exposed to the weather so usually galvanized and will hold up much better. And now you know. 🙂

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