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Blow it out your mousehole, Mickey.

Posted by Lissa on May 19, 2014

Good afternoon all, and Happy Monday! It was a VERY busy weekend at Lissaville South. At this point in our lives, that means that we had events on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a trip to the in-laws’ house (about 75 minutes from here) so that the local aunt-and-uncle could coo over Bubber and dance with Little Gronk. (Yes, dance. More on that later.)

Did I mention that I’m officially a minivan mommy? Her name is Circe and she’s a Honda Odyssey in Dark Cherry Pearl; that was the closest I could get to red. I was bound and determined that if I was going to go Minivan Mommy at age 33 it would be a non-boring color. I made the dealership trade with another shop 100 miles away to get the good one 🙂

Unfortunately, I’m now spoiled for life when it comes to vehicles. There is SO. MUCH. ROOM!!! And a backup camera. And a sidemirror camera!! (That one is especially joyous; my night vision is blurry and I have trouble figuring out if I have room enough to change lanes on the highway.) And stow-and-go seats and three different a/c zones and SO. MUCH. ROOM. I love this car. I’m never giving it up.

Anyway, thanks to Circe car drives are pretty pleasant… until one or the other of the boys wakes up and goes off like a fire alarm. Can’t be helped.

Sunday we went to a park to attend a birthday party for a friend of ours. (The dad went to school with Mike and was the best man at our wedding; their oldest just turned three.) Little Gronk had a great time climbing on the playground equipment and even more fun figuring out the Magic of Juiceboxes. He didn’t mind playing with the straw – and, incidentally, consuming some fruit punch along the way – but the real ecstasy came from squirting it onto his shorts. (We tried to get him to squirt it onto the ground instead. Nope – had to be on his clothing!)

Thanks to two days in a row of a disrupted sleep schedule and added to a bit of GI distress, Gronk was an absolute pill that afternoon and got put to bed almost an hour early. Thankfully, he slept peacefully and was his usual cute, charming and sweet – if demanding – self this morning.

Which leads me back to the dancing.

We usually have TV on in the mornings. Mike turns it to Mike and Mike for background noise (I tend to put it on the classical music channel). Gronk sometimes waves at the ticker and tells it “bye-bye” – so cute! – but otherwise ignores it. We’ve tried him a few times on Monsters Inc. and other cartoons, but the only time he’s ever watched TV for longer than ten seconds was when he was sick.

Until now.

There’s this show called the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And each episode ends with the Hot Diggity Dog dance.

Gronk thinks this is the greatest thing ever invented in the whole wide world.

And if you are in the room, you WILL celebrate with him by dancing. That’s just the way it has to be. If you try and demur, you will get tugged by the hand and pushed from behind until you are in proper position; then you will get indignant stares and imperious gestures until you dance, monkey, dance!!!

If he didn’t have such a huge, gleeful, delighted grin on his face, we’d mind it more. 🙂

A few finishing notes:

– Our two little boys had two diaper blowouts apiece on Sunday. Parents of older kids, don’t you miss those days??

– Gronk has discovered the TV remote (aka the Magic Wand) and now demands it whenever he sees it. Crap.

– Bubber’s hair is just ridiculously awesome. Everyone says so.

– While I’m haunted by the theme song and Hot Dot Dance music, the rest of the Mickey show isn’t nearly as bad as I feared. They actually have a storyline each episode; they also do little counting exercises and other games that are non-stupid. Finally, compared to Teletubbies or Barney the Bastard Brontasaurus, Gronk is practically watching Masterpiece Theater.

8 Responses to “Blow it out your mousehole, Mickey.”

  1. Butch Cassidy said

    At least you are not an SUV mom. Listening to them whine about a spritz of rain or go on and on about mileage, crash ratings, being the biggest thing on the road…ugh.

    At least minivan moms rant about the bastard mechanic suggesting they consider a trade-in rather than ramping maintenance bills, how their FWD will get up the driveway and the kids to school, and how it totally came used from Florida so the underbody is just great.

    Just happy my wife is sticking with a sedan.

    • Lissa said

      If it came from Florida they better check the underbody for snakes. We saw a big black rat snake last weekend during our walk. Luckily it was just me and the boys; Mike is not a fan of snakes 🙂

  2. Amy said

    I would happily trade diaper blow outs for 2 teenagers right now. They eat, sleep, make messes and run up bills. They are incapable of picking up a towel or piece of dirty clothing and they shed mess like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. The food bills are astronomical and to add to the fun, the girl one tries to burn the house down on a regular basis.

    Please return the days of Barney 27 times in a row and diaper issues. At least they would listen when I asked them to pick up a toy…

  3. momiss said

    Girlfriend, let me tell you I was also a holdout on the whole minivan thing, years before you. I drove mine for 7 years before I sold it and I have regretted selling it to this day! Yes! There is ROOM and in about 3 more years you will have enough stuff packed away (or forgotten) in that van, you will be fine if you should find yourself stuck somewhere needing rescue. I’m glad you made the jump. Never be without a minivan ever again. I don’t need it for kids anymore but it was the perfect height for my old knees to just slide in and out of.
    …..The teletubbies near bout did me in around the latter years of the 90’s and my favorite movie scene of all time is where Tom Arnold attacks the Barney character in the store in the movie with Hugh Grant where Juliane Moore gets pregnant. Whatever it was called. I freaking hate Barney to this day. Yeah, I said it. 😀

  4. LOL @ Amy! Since mine are both now in college (Thank the Good Lord!) I find myself missing the dancing and juice boxes more than the $2,150/month grocery bills and sky-high auto insurnace rates.
    On the mini van note…my Brother and SiL are on their second Honda Odyssey. They are huge fans, and have 5 kids.

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