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A visit to Dr. Dickhead

Posted by Lissa on May 13, 2014

Good morning all! LOTS of updates, since I’ve been MIA for quite a while; I’ll get through those in future posts.

– Little Gronk starts at a new preschool this morning. The whole of 2013 he had been at a wonderful preschool across the street from Sunshine Financial. The teachers and staff were great and I really miss them! However, during my 13 weeks of maternity leave for Bubber and especially considering that I’m going part-time (three days a week), it just didn’t make sense to keep him there; it’s a half hour each way and would take two hours out of my day. No.

Gronk started at Interim Preschool in January of this year and . . . was kicked out for biting 😦 😦 😦

It’s hard to deal with at this age. Everything Google shows me says that biting is pretty age-appropriate behavior (he’s a year and a half) and that he’ll grow out of it. Unfortunately, it became a liability for Interim Preschool; they liked him, but he kept gnawing on other children and so they couldn’t keep him.

Interim Preschool was RIGHT outside our neighborhood and I miss the convenience. That being said, I wasn’t impressed with any of their teachers, so whatever.

Please keep your fingers crossed that New Preschool works out for Gronk and he quits it with the Jaws routine!!

– In other Gronk news, we took him to the allergist yesterday. His nose is constantly running and his skin is dry and itchy unless we treat it with steroid cream on a regular basis; we hoped to find a root cause.

The final results – allergic to peanuts and cats – are not earth-shattering. The only thing that really made the visit noteworthy is that the doctor made me FURIOUS.

After the weigh-in they showed us to a waiting room. We waited there for THRITY MINUTES before the doctor showed up. Do you know how hard it is to occupy a toddler in a small room with no books and few toys for a half hour?

When the doc finally arrived he was not apologetic about keeping us waiting. (Yeah, yeah, doctors often make you wait.) He was a white-haired guy in his late sixties or early seventies (I’d guess) and he seemed to be the stereotypical curmudgeonly doctor who thinks all young women are idiots. He was brusque and condescending.

We agreed to do a limited scratch test and he left again. They showed us to a different room and, fifteen minutes later, did the scratches. You have to wait twenty minutes for it to show up, which we did, and then we waited for the good doctor to come explain the results.

And we waited

And we waited.

And we waited some more.

Forty minutes later I’d tried every book in the shelf, played with every toy in the room, showed Gronk every photo in his photostream and played with every baby app on my phone. We also stood by the doorway for about five minutes turning off and on the room light. I hope that spiked their electricity bill for the month.

Did I mention they told me the appointment would be about an hour?

Two hours after our appointment started I’d had enough. I packed up Gronk and the diaper bag and marched to the front desk.

“Hi. I know the doctor will eventually come talk to us, but I have a newborn at home and we have to go. Could you please just call me or mail me the results?” I asked brusquely.

The nurse reluctantly informed me that the doctor really did have to talk to me and went to go find him. He apparently had just finished an appointment and she informed him that there were TWO people who REALLY had to go. (He was not quick in reading notes or explaining terms. That also did not win points from me.)

I followed him into the room and he proceeded to tell me that Gronk’s tests for grass, weeds, trees, mold and mildew were negative; he was positive for dust mites, cats, and peanuts. Then he paused.

“The peanut one was high and this concerns me. I heard you’re in a rush but this could be life-threatening, so I think it’s worth spending a little time on,” he sneered at me.

At that point I pulled out my pocket knife and …
No, of course I didn’t. I also didn’t slap the glasses off his smug, superior face; nor did I tell him that his bedside manner was comparable to undertakers, maggots, and DMV agents.

It’s been quite a while since someone made me that angry. The doctor kept us waiting FOREVER – disrespectful!! – and treated me like a ditzy little girl. And I might have overlooked all of that if I hadn’t been trying to entertain and comfort Gronk the whole time. Mix all that treatment with a scratch test and ear examination that made him sob and wail, and I was ready to burn the office to the ground and salt the earth.

I am NOT going back there.

P.S. Gronk tested positive for cat, but it wasn’t off the charts. Dr. Dickhead said he didn’t think we needed to get rid of Rajah but that when he goes to the Great Litter Box in the Sky we probably should not replace him. The peanut allergy is more worrisome, but should not be life-threatening. He’s had peanut butter on two occasions and it made him puke, but it’s not that super-scary allergy that closes off your airways. We’re still getting an epipen, though.

10 Responses to “A visit to Dr. Dickhead”

  1. Joanna said

    Wow, I feel your pain.

    On the topic of biting, my son was a biter until they moved him to the 3 year old class (he’s 2.5). That made a huge difference. If the biting starts again, try getting them to have a teacher shadow him. But they’re fast. Thankfully we didn’t get kicked out and it seems to have stopped (his buddy bit him last week, for which I consider it just desserts.

  2. Amy said

    You might look for a pediatric allergist. Or ask around with parents at the preschool for someone people have a good opinion of.

    I hate Doctors that make you wait ridiculous amounts of time

    • Lissa said

      My pediatrician recommended this guy. He’ll get some feedback at Bubber’s appointment later this month.

  3. WolfSong said

    Puking in relation to the peanuts can be just the beginning. It’s how my Girl’s allergy to peanuts started, and now, at 13, she can’t touch them, or foods that have been in contact with, without having an anaphalactic reaction.

    Of course, every child dealing with allergies is different. They just can’t make it easy on us parents, now can they? LOL! But it is something to be aware of…that until Gronk maxes out on reaction level, you won’t know, exactly, what reactions to expect. Oh, and more fun? You never quite know which reaction is the “maxed out” one…Wheeeee!! The merry-go-round of allergies is fun!! Said no parent with a child who has allergies. Ever.

    I second what Amy said. Clearly, this doc is a jackass.

  4. momiss said

    LOL. Dr. Dickhead……..I have missed you so much. So glad you’re back and I loved the turning on and off of the light switch. heeheehee

  5. Ruth said

    I hate doctors who do that. And yah, I’d not go back to him either. I can’t imagine trying to manage a toddler in that situation (there’s a reason I don’t have kids lol). I’m glad you’re back to posting though!

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