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Of course you know – THIS MEANS WAR

Posted by Lissa on July 13, 2013

Apparently I’ve finally stumbled on an issue that is worth alienating lots of my long-time Facebook friends. That issue is: ….. Drumroll…

The Zimmerman verdict.

Anyone who can tell his ass from his eye socket knows that he was Not Guilty. (In fact, I think they showed him to be Innocent, but that’s not hhe required burden of proof.)

I live within driving distance of Sanford.

I will be goddamed if I let bleeding heart sanctimonious statements of how a MAN killed an innocent BOY go unchallenged.

Screw all of you hippie bastards, beloved from my childhood or not. This is the hill I die on.

11 Responses to “Of course you know – THIS MEANS WAR”

  1. Scoot over, I’m standing with you…

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  3. Gary said

    I hear ya. Methinks there’s a lot of “unfriending” going on today.

  4. dagamore said

    So Glad to see this, and i am with you, so many people on my FB feed, that by their own admonition they did not watch any of the case, dont understand how the not guilty verdict came about. Prosecution massively over charged, at least with the facts they presented in court, and ten tried an underhanded way of still getting a ‘win’ with the lesser charges added at the end. I wonder if what they did was at the level of it being a criminal offense.

    I dont understand how people can be willfully ignorant of a subject, then be outraged when they dont understand what is happening.

  5. Dave said

    Nobody who has actually taken the trouble to learn the facts of the case could think he was guilty. Scoot some more, I’m with you too. Welcome back, BTW.

  6. Anonymous said

    This is me standing up and cheering you on!

  7. momiss said

    Back in the saddle again! That’s my girl! And I’m standing there with you too!!

  8. Wally said

    But but how can you say that ? I mean really –

    Heck I cant even type that with a straight face.

    It’s another chapter of defining which things become unquestionable facts which should apparently redefine civilization !

    FB friend request sent, under my nom de blog 🙂

  9. Jennifer said

    Hope it’s a big hill because you’ve got company.

  10. Doubletrouble said

    What Jennifer said!
    However, I don’t think I HAVE any liberal friends…

  11. tooldtowork said

    Count me as standing with you!

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