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The State of the Bump

Posted by Lissa on September 28, 2012

In no particular order. . .

– Oof. I’m HUGE. I’m up almost exactly thirty pounds and it takes serious, concentrated effort to roll over in bed at night.

– I’m done with heels. I’ve been wearing Crocs heels that have about two inches of padding under the toes and four inches under the heels, but my knees have informed me in no uncertain terms to cut that sh*t out until some of the weight comes off.

– The doctor said last week that he could feel the head down in the “go!” area. Then, this week, as they started to actually check for dilation / effacement, he said he couldn’t be 100% sure it was the head rather than the butt. So I’m heading for an ultrasound early next week. I’m very, very interested to get an estimated fetal weight on BabyKlarman 🙂

– Braxton-Hicks! Mike and I have taken a few walks and Baby tends to tighten up when we do. I mentioned that to the doctor and he informed me that Baby’s not “tightening up,” and he’s not “stretching” – that’s a warm-up contraction. Really? I thought contractions were going to hit all the way from my groin to my collarbone, make it impossible to breathe, and last for at least thirty seconds. Apparently I was wrong.

– Baby often goes . . . LOPSIDED. He turns and pokes out and it’s almost always on my right side. Just look:


My finger’s on my belly button. See how the belly is listing to starboard??

– Both Target and Amazon send you 10% completion coupons to get the last items off your baby registry. I went and picked up a whole bunch of stuff at Target. Then I used my iPhone to try and add every single item in my cart to my baby registry before checking out. Technology is AWESOME.

– I’m really looking forward to Baby being here, but I’m also trying to savor my last weeks of solo independence. You know – stopping on a whim to get a pedicure, or a coffee, or running in and out of the grocery store to get just one item. I do realize that that will be much more of an adventure going forward.

Have a happy Friday, everyone! Two weeks and change till the due date! … and no, I still haven’t decided on a name. Let alone a moniker. 🙂


3 Responses to “The State of the Bump”

  1. Aw, what a cute lopsided bump! So excited for you! Don’t be surprised if you never look back at the heels, managing babies, purses, diaper bags and various other items is best done in flats. LOL

  2. That picture is great! Best of luck to you and your family.

  3. Having the mother to be walk is an old time L&D nurse trick to induce labor in a stubborn baby. Mrs. TOTWTYTR walked for what seemed like hours when the medications to induce labor did nothing. That did the trick and elder child (who is grown up and has a child of his own) came along in good time. Good luck with the labor and delivery.

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