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Um. That doesn’t look like a partridge.

Posted by Lissa on September 18, 2012

Taken a mile from my house:

(zoom in to see the furry visitor)

Naturally, everyone stopped to gawk. And apparently offer their small offspring as bear feed:


I was the only one to keep my distance, and I’m fairly sure I was the only one armed (and although 9mm probably doesn’t do much in this case, it’s better than nothing).

What caliber for bear?

8 Responses to “Um. That doesn’t look like a partridge.”

  1. ZerCool said

    For a little black bear like that one, 9mm may not be ideal, but I wouldn’t feel undergunned. .357 or .45 would be more-betterer.

  2. Wow…is that your front yard? What ended up happening to the bear?

  3. Anonymous said

    Set your phaser to “Call Animal Control”. 🙂

  4. MaddMedic said

    Heh..Not a partridge and not sure but that ain’t no pear tree!!
    A Bear tree?
    Is always funny when you see that. Folks act like they are at a Zoo, startle the animal and is ends up getting put down because idiots get it excited.

  5. wolfwalker said

    Sometimes it’s really awful being addicted to puns … there’s something somewhere in this post about “a cartridge and a bear tree,” but it just isn’t gelling.

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