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Today’s edition of “Imagine if a Republican said that”: NEGROHOOD

Posted by Lissa on August 30, 2012

Typos are embarrassing. I sent out a letter to about twenty-five clients last week and didn’t realize it was still dated August 13, the date I composed it. I hate when I make mistakes like that.

I can’t IMAGINE making a mistake like this:

An Assembly candidate whose campaign sent mailers using the word “negrohood” to residents in his Sheepshead Bay district apologized Wednesday — calling the racially tinged language a “typo.”
“As the candidate, I take full responsibility for this inadvertent error and I am sorry to anyone who was offended by it,” Ben Akselrod, who’s running in the Sept. 13 Democratic primary against Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, said in a statement.
The Friends of Ben Akselrod sent the mailers last week, claiming that his opponent “has allowed crime to go up over 50% in our negrohood so far this year.”

What in the name of all that’s holy were these people thinking? How did that even get past the spellchecker, let alone the copywriters and editors? Good lord.

Mike asked me the other day if I thought that “racist Americans are almost entirely in one political coalition.” I thought about it and told him that I was quite sure both parties had members who were racist, but that Democrats were far more likely to make idiotic racist statements because they don’t get called on it. “Macaca” = the end of your political career. “They gon’ put y’all back in chains” = Joe Being Joe.

And since we’re speaking of political idiocies and parties, I should mention that Todd Akin is a f***ing stupid, senseless, misogynist, unscientific moron and I hope the write-in campaign buries this fool’s political career forever ‘n’ ever.

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