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How many people read Dreams from My Father?

Posted by Lissa on August 28, 2012

I know I didn’t. I wasn’t interested in putting more money in the Obamas’ coffers and I wasn’t particularly interested in his backstory.

We learned with the “Obama ate a dog” revelation that most reporters and news media personnel didn’t read it either; that’s why it was so funny and so amazing when a mid-level blogger broke the story.*

Thanks to the Obama 2016 movie, more excerpts like the following are getting attention:

Looking back, I’m not sure that Lolo ever fully understood what my mother was going through during these years, why the things he was working so hard to provide for her seemed only to increase the distance between them. [snip] Sometimes I would overhear him and my mother arguing in their bedroom, usually about her refusal to attend his company dinner parties, where American businessmen from Texas and Louisiana would slap Lolo’s back and boast about the palms they had greased to obtain the new offshore drilling rights, while their wives complained to my mother about the quality of Indonesian help. He would ask her how it would look for him to go alone, and remind her that these were her own people, and my mother’s voice would rise to almost a shout.

They are not my people.

… She had always encouraged my rapid acculturation in Indonesia… She had taught me to disdain the blend of ignorance and arrogance that too often characterized Americans abroad.

Part of the whole idea of America is that you get to have your own ideas. Good, bad, stupid, productive, whatever — there’s no “party-approved” way that you have to think.

But think about the values that that snippet illustrates. Lolo works hard to provide and get ahead and then gets criticized and viewed as selling out to Americans, who Obama’s mother insists are NOT her people.

I can’t help but think it illustrates a background and a worldview that the majority of Americans would not find suitable in their President. And I rather think the major news organizations agree with me, or they would have aired these clips and given them wider audiences.

*For the record – I have no desire to eat dog, any more than I have desire to eat horsemeat or raw octopus. That doesn’t make it bad, wrong or evil – just not to my own cultural taste. But I’d be more likely to try dog than to strap a dog to the roof of my car, FWIW.

3 Responses to “How many people read Dreams from My Father?”

  1. Not too many people read that book. It was meant to be bought, not read. Most of those who read it probably agreed with his mother anyway.

  2. When you consider his background, it would have been a miracle if he had grown up without being screwed up. Abandoned by dad, then mom, sent off to be mentored by the commie/porn maker? Dude’s guaranteed to have issues.

    I’d just rather not see him work out his issues on the country.

  3. doubletrouble said

    Me! Me!

    I didn’t.

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