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Blast from the past: How DID the ten good things about an Obama presidency play out?

Posted by Lissa on August 8, 2012

First off, it’s kind of amazing to me that I’ve been blogging over four years. Where DOES the time go?

Second, go take a look at this post I did back in the day: 10 Good Things About a Barack Obama Presidency. Go on, now. I’ll wait.

Back? Okay. So how did my prediction play out over the last four years?

10. Skinny fashions? Well, I can’t say I’ve noticed that on the streets, whatever Michelle Obama might tell us about the undesirability of surplus fat.

9. Out of wedlock birth decrease? Hmmm. I still think they set a good example but I can’t find any data older than 2009 so I don’t know if there’s been an effect on illegitimate birth rates.

8. No riots? Check! Unless you count OWS, which I don’t, because that was something different.

7. Have we been seeing lots of media coverage over the last four years that paint the economy as brighter than it is? Not to mention dippy articles about “funemployment”? Check!

6. Did everyone temporarily pretend to love America? Well, they DID give our President a Nobel Peace Prize. Check!

5. I missed somewhat on this one. Sure enough, the rest of the world DID go back to hating us, but rather than the media saying it was THEIR fault . . . they just didn’t report it. (For a recent example, compare press coverage of Mitt Romney’s “Jerusalem gaffe” – first two results on Google News have almost 5000 sources total – with “Obama turkey bat”, which is currently returning 150.)

4. Bitching and griping? Yeah, I’ve done my share, but the fact that I didn’t vote for the current President hasn’t helped a lot.

3. Young college folks disillusioned? Well, it’s a work in progress. The young folks I know are now aware that Pres Obama is not a lightworker, a miracle-worker, or The Next Big Thing. A lot of them are also unemployed. They still think Obama is a hella-cool guy and that Republican politicians are scum, but the bloom is off the rose, for sure. (And since I agree that many/most politicians in general are scum, we’re halfway on the same page here.)

2. Bill Clinton isn’t QUITE an ambassador to the heartland, but his speech at the convention should be verrrrry interesting.

1. Surprisingly, this one makes me the saddest. I always MUCH preferred that the first black president we elected would be, you know, COMPETENT, but I did plan to enjoy the symbolism regardless. Now? What an absolutely terrible example to set for our first president-of-color. It’s as if groundbreaking figures like Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens were replaced by Urkel; how well do you think HE would have done breaking the color barrier when he sucked at baseball or track? It’s awful. The first black president is a feckless, incompetent, promise-breaking, narcissistic failure. Dammit dammit dammit.

I can’t say I’m thrilled about a Mitt Romney presidency – he loves big government fixes in a way that makes my toes curl, and NOT in a good way – but I think it will be easier to redo my silver linings list if he wins.

I hope.

One Response to “Blast from the past: How DID the ten good things about an Obama presidency play out?”

  1. Amy said

    It’s funny. I don’t hear so many people saying that they’re voting “for” Mitt Romney as they’re voting “against” inept idiot currently in office. Personally, I’d vote for a purple martian fresh from prison after serving time for murder before I’d vote for the fool already in office.

    The young folks in this area that I know all plan to vote in Nov. Not one of them intends to vote for the current idiot in charge. God save us all should he get elected again. We’ll be the next country bankrupt. Oh wait, he already more than doubled the federal deficit – I think we’re already there and no one is admitting it yet. Ugh!

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