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Did you know RSVP’s are out of style?

Posted by Lissa on August 6, 2012

It’s true.

My baby shower was a few weeks ago and I invited perhaps 20 people. With about a week and a half to go I had gotten “yes” RSVP’s from … Five people.

Two of whom were my mother and my mother-in-law.

I’m not going to lie – I was freaking out a little. I had visions of the six of us sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee and just having a brunch group instead of a shower. And, yes, this event was haunting my thoughts.

I eventually asked my mother-in-law to track down responses the weekend before and we ended up with thirteen people, which was wonderful – enough people to make it a party, but not so many that we couldn’t all fit in the living room.

This came to mind again yesterday when friends of ours cancelled a dinner invitation. Now, they do have a reasonable excuse: this was their first weekend in town (I.e. we were bringing them dinner for when the movers left). We had texted with them around eleven am or noon and asked what kind of pizza we should bring (the answer was “pepperoni”). And then, around 3:15, Mike got the cancellation call.

Now, again, they have a very valid excuse – the movers ran late, the baby was cranky, etc. But more notice would have been nice.

And I got to wondering whether this is a generational thing.

You see, the prep that I had already made for our dinner visit – I baked pumpkin bread so they’d have breakfast foods, I baked vanilla cupcakes with key lime buttercream frosting for dessert, and I bought fruit salad to serve with the pizza – is perhaps a little more than people my age usually do for a dinner visit. I think it was the standard for dinner visits thirty years ago, but no longer. Maybe that’s one reason cancellations and lack of RSVP’s are more common.

What do you think?

P.S. Hey you kids, get off my lawn!!

5 Responses to “Did you know RSVP’s are out of style?”

  1. North said

    I think other people act without politeness. As expressed in RAH’s “Friday,” degraded or nonexistent personal manners is indicative of the downfall of society.

  2. It has gotten so bad that we no longer throw birthday parties for the kids. S small outing or dinner with their grandparents gets planned in the evening, instead. The last straw was the day a woman, who did not RSVP, brought her two kids and whined to everyone about a lack of food.

    I had made a little more than enough for the people who told us they would be coming and she stormed off angry when I told her something along the lines of, “tough luck, your problem.”

  3. doubletrouble said

    You’re “old school” kid; I like it!

  4. CoolChange said

    I’m pretty sure most of the youngest of adults have no idea what “rsvp” means. I also agree that it goes with the degradation of society.

  5. Ruth said

    I always try to RSVP, though I’ll admit to canceling last minute on occasion….but if I’ve said I’m coming then I’m coming unless I feel like hell….

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