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College reunion

Posted by Lissa on June 13, 2012

Good morning everyone! Thank you for the birthday wishes! I can’t decide if it feels like I’ve been blogging a lot longer than four years, or if my mind should boggle that I’ve actually kept it going that long.

It was a busy, busy weekend! We flew out to North Carolina for the ten year reunion of Ye Olde Liberal Arts College. The trip was enjoyable, but not really because of any of the reunion events. I’d debated whether to go back to YOLAC last month for my beloved choir conductor’s retirement party, or whether to go in June for reunion. A number of people I wanted to see intended to go in June so I reluctantly sent best wishes to the May event and bought tickets for June. As it turned out, 1) many of those people ended up not coming; 2) the people that I really loved seeing live in NC and I could have seen if I’d gone in May. Oh well — spilled milk, hindsight, etc. etc.

The campus was as beautiful as ever (minus the orange construction barriers in various locations). I admit to some serious confusion at two dorms that I *swear* just weren’t there when I was in school! . . . . which, as it turns out, is true; they’re being constructed to look as weathered as all the other buildings, but they’re brand-new. Two points for not hallucinating!

I said hi to a lot of people that I remembered from a decade ago. Most people haven’t changed… I’ve been told that only people who gain or lose a lot of weight will really look different, and that seems to be the case. I don’t think I look very different from 2002, myself. Except that now I dress better 🙂

Getting home was a giant pain in the rear, as our flight from Atlanta to Charlotte had to taxi back from the runway when the hydraulic control went down. They sat us there for a few hours while they tried to fix it. When that didn’t work, they dumped us off the plane … at two hours and fifty-five minutes. Coincidentally, that’s five minutes before they would have had to pay big ol’ fines for keeping us stranded for so long. Isn’t it funny how that works? 🙂 In the end, our flight left 7.5 hours late, we got home at 12:30 A.M. instead of late afternoon, and work the next day was really, really fun. Really.

I’m so glad to be home!!!!!

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32 years ago today . . .

Posted by Lissa on June 12, 2012

… I took my sweet time meandering into this world. I seriously hope BabyKitty behaves in a more timely manner 🙂 Also, last week this blog turned four. Yay us!!!

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Um . . . are you moving in there??

Posted by Lissa on June 7, 2012

Two baby-related posts in a row, which I’m trying to mostly avoid, but I don’t want to forget this, so here it is for posterity:

1) I think I’m starting to feel BabyKitty move

2) It feels WEIRD. VERY WEIRD.

I have a fairly gurgle-y abdomen, so it’s very possible he’s been moving for a long time and I just haven’t classified it. But now I’m starting to feel occasional — twinges. Like something poking me from the inside. Sometimes I think it’s a stomach rumble, and then sometimes I think it’s a foot or an elbow. (Hey, kid — if you’re going to be a soccer player, you need to avoid high-foot’s and thrown elbows!)

I’m usually busy enough during the day that it doesn’t cross my mind. It’s only when I lie in bed reading before sleep … or when Rajah wakes us up yowling at three AM, which is SO. UNNECESSARY. YOU. NAUGHTY. CAT. … that I try to classify the twinges and gurgles coming from the belly.

Oh, and it is now officially a belly. I’ve gained about ten pounds and my tummy is starting to try to pull my spine forward. I’m trying to be very good about posture and keeping my spine straight, but you kind of have to engage your abdominal muscles to do that and they’re all stretched out of whack.

Halfway there, halfway to go. Is it October yet???

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Manifesto of a n00b parent

Posted by Lissa on June 6, 2012

Since this is our first kid, I’m going to pretend I didn’t grow up with baby brothers and don’t read Stuff My Kids Ruined and hereby declare…

MY CHILD will never throw a tantrum in the cereal aisle.

MY CHILD will never tell adult relatives that they look fat or otherwise unkempt.

MY CHILD will NEVER finger-paint using excrements from his own body.

MY CHILD will never find the Sharpie that I’ve put under lock and key and proceed to decorate the off-white suede Lazyboy, the doors, or himself.

MY CHILD will never manage to find an unattended pile of dog droppings and treat it like Play-doh.

MY CHILD will nicely eat everything I put in front of him, including vegetables.

MY CHILD will never throw a delicate object to the floor just because it makes a pretty sound when it smashes.

MY CHILD will never find a pair of scissors and try to trim the cat, his own hair, or Mommy’s hair during a nap.

MY CHILD will never throw up during a long car trip, an airplane flight or any other inconvenient time/place. Or on me or his father.

MY CHILD will listen and remember to every sage piece of advice I give him while conveniently forgetting any and all curse words that slip out around him.

MY CHILD will never have gas JUST as I’m changing his diaper such that the walls, um, *get decorated*.

MY CHILD will never wait until Mommy has just sat down, started eating, or gone to sleep to throw an epic fit.

MY CHILD will never decide that insects and spiders look like wonderful things to put into his mouth.

MY CHILD will never make such an awe-inspiring mess that, just for a second, I consider moving rather than cleaning it up.

And finally . . . MY CHILD will never make my heart ache with so much love and pain that I’m amazed such a tiny being can affect my entire soul. ….. Actually, I’m pretty sure that is an “always”, not a “never” 🙂

While I’m making the list, what other things do you think MY CHILD will never or always do?

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Naughty kitty!

Posted by Lissa on June 5, 2012

I woke up at six A.M. to the sounds of metal hitting the floor. Hazily, I wondered what it was that Mike had dropped while making breakfast.

And then dropped again. And then whacked. Or kicked. Either way, a steady bang! bang! was coming from the kitchen.

You see where this is going, right?

I stumbled out to find that Rajah — the dummy cat, the cat with the IQ of a lima bean, the clumsiest cat I’ve ever seen in all my living days — Rajah has:

1) opened the pantry (he sticks his paw underneath the door and pulls at it until it opens)
2) fished out an empty beef stock can from the very bottom of the bin
3) is now licking (and pushing) it around the kitchen. Loudly.

I squirted him with water, dumped the can back in the bin, slammed the pantry door closed and went off to begin my morning ablutions.

Any day now he’ll figure out how to work a can opener and then we’re DOOMED, my friends! DOOMED!!!

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A law against sex-specific abortion, and my thoughts on it

Posted by Lissa on June 4, 2012

Lila Rose and Live Action recently conducted a sting showing Planned Parenthood counselors aiding and abetting sex selective abortions. That is, the visitor to the clinic explains that she wants to ultrasound the baby to determine gender (typically done at 20 weeks) so that she can abort it if it’s a girl.


So, first, I think we can all agree that aborting a baby on basis of a penis, or lack thereof, is disgusting. Morally degraded and degenerate. Anyone disagree?

That, I think, is pretty noncontroversial. So I’ll skip on the part where I might get tarred-and-feathered: I’m opposed to any law banning abortion on basis of sex. Because that descends into thoughtcrime.

I know, I know. Let me explain a few things.

1. I’m against second-trimester abortions in general. Unless there’s a strong medical reason that the mother needs an abortion, I disagree with the practice.

2. Sex can’t be determined until the 20th week. (For those of you not immersed in baby details 24/7 – there are 40 weeks in a pregnancy, so the second trimester begins about week 13.) Therefore, in my perfect world, the whole thing becomes a non-issue.

3. That being said, in our world, assuming that a second-trimester abortion is legal for any reason or no reason at all, it makes no sense to me to criminalize it because of a specific motivation behind taking the action. Think about it.

“I want to abort my baby if it turns out to be a girl.”

“That’s a federal crime, and you’ll go to jail!”

“Oh. Well, then, um, I might decide to abort my baby if I suddenly decide, at week 22, that my family can’t afford a kid at that time.”

“Okay then! Sounds great!”

Does that make sense to you?

Either it is legal to terminate a pregnancy/kill a baby (I’ll put it both ways) at four-to-five months old, or it’s not. If it’s legal, it’s legal for any reason behind the decision – finances, gender, morning sickness, whatever. If it’s illegal, then it’s illegal; the motive behind it doesn’t figure.

I’ve got more thoughts on abortion, but I’ll explore those in a later post. This is plenty to start me off on a Monday morning.

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Yes, we smashed a Nikki Haley pinata, but don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

Posted by Lissa on June 1, 2012

I’ve had this open in my browser for a while but didn’t get around to sharing it. Did you know that the leader of the South Carolina AFL-CIO smashed a pinata with Nikki Haley’s face on it? Repeatedly?

But that’s not the part that made me giggle with hysterical glee. It was the reassurances that they weren’t MAD when they did it – so it’s all okay!! [emphasis mine]

“They made it and I would have played the game with them no matter it would have been pin the tail on the donkey with Nikki Haley’s face on it. I still would have played,” Dewitt told ABC News over the phone. “There was no ill intent. We were certainly have a good time. I’m not mad or angry.”

“We’ve been the brunt of her comments now for two years and that’s what the whole thing was. She’s been whacking at us over the last two years,” Dewitt, who has been president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO for the past 16 years and will retire at the end of June, continued. “Anyone that knows me knows there was no ill intent at all. Our folks don’t go to speeches with guns and things like that. We have very loving people in our unions who will take up money for people or a vet. We just heard these comments by the governor for over the two years. They were using a memoir of the last two years I’ve lived under her leadership.

NOW do you understand? It’s okay! They were happy shiny people when they smashed her face, not those evil gun-toting vet-hating wingnuts! So everything’s fine!!!

And one more dollop of humor for you: “Nikki Haley tries to capitalize off video of union leader.” Yes, really. That wily and evil Nikki Haley!!!

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