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Laminate flooring

Posted by Lissa on June 29, 2012

This stuff is AWESOME!!!!

In preparation for BabyKitty, we cleared out the bedrooms and the dining room and brought in someone to rip out all the old, nasty, gunk-stained carpet and replace it with hard-wood-floor patterned laminate. It’s much cheaper than real wood, it’s more durable, and I’m less likely to cry the first time BabyKitty rollerblades across it.

We went from this (and even in this little photo, you can see the state of the carpet we inherited) —


— and this —


— to THIS! Isn’t it pretty???



The previous owners took good care of their house, BTW, but an off-white carpet does not survive a baby boy growing up. It just doesn’t.

We’re getting set, here. Bring on the crib!

5 Responses to “Laminate flooring”

  1. ZerCool said

    Nice! I’ve been pretty happy with the laminate in our kitchen/dining room. It doesn’t survive dropped pots so well, though… 😉

  2. atom smasher said

    Watch out for piles of unattended poo or puke too – the moisture can seep in and lift the upper layer a bit, if given time to work. I don’t crate Sam the Dog and he doesn’t get sick often, but he did teach me the above lesson a couple of years ago with a combo of “gotta go somewhere” from him and an extra long work day from me.

    Still, I really like the laminate and it’s held up remarkably well.

  3. That does look nice! We inherited some cheaper stuff that has indeed held up well…but it looks like somebody scanned a hardwood floor and printed it on a cheap inkjet printer.

    We pulled up all the wall-to-wall carpet in the house when we bought it. It just gets icky and its a bitch to replace. Area rugs are MUCH easier.

  4. Rubber said

    Looks like you’ve done a great job. I would be careful not to slip. maybe a rubber mat or something might help?

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