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Geico strikes again!

Posted by Lissa on June 19, 2012

There is a land called Passive Aggresiva and Geico is their king.

One of the companies with which we do business called up and asked if they could buy us lunch today; we’ve recently sent them a number of client accounts and they want to say thank you. So I hammered out the details with Veep, Big Boss and the company rep and sent an email out to the team explaining the situation and asking them to send me their meal requests yesterday afternoon so I could call in the order this morning.

Now, it turns out that Geico is scheduled to be out of the office today. What, pray tell, do you think was his response?

1) Replying to my email by ordering something that will keep for a day. It’s a barbecue place that sells smoked meat by the half pint or pint, so there’s quite a lot of choices that would suit.

2) Replying to my email with something along the lines of, “Oh, come on! They HAD to pick the day when I’d be gone?” At which point I would have advised he proceed according to #1, and we’d all go about our merry way.

From what you know about Geico, I think you can guess that he went with . . . .

3) TOTALLY IGNORING my email, but sending out a SEPARATE email to the whole team reminding everyone that he will be out of the office today.

Let’s hear it for Door Number Three!

I actually debated with myself for a while about whether I should go to his desk and point out Option #1. Then I was quite irritated with the necessity of doing so, because GEICO IS A GROWN MAN IN HIS FIFTIES. SERIOUSLY. MAN CAN’T ORDER FRICKIN’ BARBECUE WITHOUT MY HOLDING HIS HAND???

*snap* *snarl* *growl* *grumble*

BTW, Mike thinks I’m being unnecessarily hard on Geico in this specific situation. I freely concede that I’m already irritated with him because he’s suddenly decided to start parking in the spot I’ve used since we moved to this building last October. Jerk.


6 Responses to “Geico strikes again!”

  1. Ben C said

    Look at the bright side. He is out of the office that day, so you don’t have to put up with his antics at lunch!

  2. ZerCool said

    I’m actually with Mike on this one. Unless he specifically mentioned the lunch in his “I’ll be out” email, in which case RAWR.

  3. momiss said

    Totally understand how you feel. I think it’s a woman thing. A logical thinking woman thing. In your mind, hit him upside the head with a wooden spoon. His own mother probably wishes she had done it more, and I would lay money that his wife thinks about it often! lol

  4. Lissa said

    I did enjoy my Geico-free day, at least 🙂

  5. Amy said

    He’s a man therefor the logic of ordering something that keeps for a day probably escapes him. Yes, I realize that there are men that can follow that line of thought and I tried to raise my boys to be there but despite all my efforts, 2 of the 4 still can’t seem to follow the simple logic that I’ve tried to instill in them. This irritates me at least weekly. Some get it and some don’t. Geico is one of those that never will. 😉

    Glad you at least got to enjoy the lunch without him.

  6. bogie said

    I would never think it kosher to order something for lunch although I wil not be there to eat it (or enjoy it with the rest of the group).

    I would not have thought anything about an email Geico sent – if it had been a “reply” to yur email, yes. It wasn’t, it was an email that probably had nothing to do with food – and everything to do with when he remembered to send said email.

    Sorry, everyone tells me I don’t make a very good girl.

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