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Um . . . are you moving in there??

Posted by Lissa on June 7, 2012

Two baby-related posts in a row, which I’m trying to mostly avoid, but I don’t want to forget this, so here it is for posterity:

1) I think I’m starting to feel BabyKitty move

2) It feels WEIRD. VERY WEIRD.

I have a fairly gurgle-y abdomen, so it’s very possible he’s been moving for a long time and I just haven’t classified it. But now I’m starting to feel occasional — twinges. Like something poking me from the inside. Sometimes I think it’s a stomach rumble, and then sometimes I think it’s a foot or an elbow. (Hey, kid — if you’re going to be a soccer player, you need to avoid high-foot’s and thrown elbows!)

I’m usually busy enough during the day that it doesn’t cross my mind. It’s only when I lie in bed reading before sleep … or when Rajah wakes us up yowling at three AM, which is SO. UNNECESSARY. YOU. NAUGHTY. CAT. … that I try to classify the twinges and gurgles coming from the belly.

Oh, and it is now officially a belly. I’ve gained about ten pounds and my tummy is starting to try to pull my spine forward. I’m trying to be very good about posture and keeping my spine straight, but you kind of have to engage your abdominal muscles to do that and they’re all stretched out of whack.

Halfway there, halfway to go. Is it October yet???


2 Responses to “Um . . . are you moving in there??”

  1. Brad Kruse said

    So, now that you have a captive audience, what books and stories are you reading to BabyKitty? What popular, favorite, and nursery tunes are you singing? What family and folk lore are you immortalizing, by beginning to pass on to the next generation?

    How have you changed your life, so that when BabyKitty begins to look for a mate, your lifestyle and values will echo the advice and lore you find crucial?

    And have you decided on disposable or cloth diapers? (There are more cloth approaches than the folded nappy!)

    Blessed be!

  2. momiss said

    Before long you’ll be able to put your plate on your belly when you eat. One of the few practical aspects of pregnancy. heeheehee
    Enjoy every moment. It’s a very special, if sometimes uncomfortable, time. 😀

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