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Naughty kitty!

Posted by Lissa on June 5, 2012

I woke up at six A.M. to the sounds of metal hitting the floor. Hazily, I wondered what it was that Mike had dropped while making breakfast.

And then dropped again. And then whacked. Or kicked. Either way, a steady bang! bang! was coming from the kitchen.

You see where this is going, right?

I stumbled out to find that Rajah — the dummy cat, the cat with the IQ of a lima bean, the clumsiest cat I’ve ever seen in all my living days — Rajah has:

1) opened the pantry (he sticks his paw underneath the door and pulls at it until it opens)
2) fished out an empty beef stock can from the very bottom of the bin
3) is now licking (and pushing) it around the kitchen. Loudly.

I squirted him with water, dumped the can back in the bin, slammed the pantry door closed and went off to begin my morning ablutions.

Any day now he’ll figure out how to work a can opener and then we’re DOOMED, my friends! DOOMED!!!

3 Responses to “Naughty kitty!”

  1. Or if he learns to work the can-opener he can get his own place and visit you socially! 8)

    Or at least make his own dinner….and maybe learn other skills like taking out the trash, or loading the dishwasher.

  2. Ruth said

    Baby locks. You’re gonna need them anyway…..

    All my cabinets are baby locked, cause I have a cat who thinks that cabinets are her highway and I don’t want her among my cleaning supplies and clean dishes and….

  3. Brad Kruse said

    I saw a video a couple years back. A couple were angry about their water bill, It was really high. They eventually narrowed the excess use to the toilet. In order to identify who did what, when, they installed a surveillance camera.

    During the day when the cat was alone, it sat atop the throne — continuously flushing the toilet. Big water bill.

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