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It’s a ….

Posted by Lissa on May 29, 2012


ME: “So, how often does it happen that it’s a mistake? I mean, my dad was told his third kid was a boy but it turned out to be a girl. Are we sure now, or is it still iffy?”

TECHNICIAN (DECISIVELY): “It’s a boy.” Nods firmly. Looks wryly at me. “Unless your daughter has testicles. AND a penis.”

ME: “Alrighty then!”

We’ve got a son incubating!!

P.S. total weight gain at this, the halfway point, is perhaps eight pounds, but it’s ALL in my belly. There is definitely a lil’ human growing there 🙂

8 Responses to “It’s a ….”

  1. Amy said

    Congrats! Have you gotten his first Red Sox outfit yet?

    Sox are my 2nd team. I’m a Rangers fan first but I have to rout for the Sox because all 4 of my boys are Yankee fans. (yeah, I know- no taste- no class! LOL)

  2. momiss said

    CONGRATS!! Boys are wonderful!

  3. ruth said


  4. Funny, that’s what they told us a month or so before our daughter was born. That we were having a son, that is. Of course, the technology has improved a lot since then. Boy, girl, isn’t what matters. A healthy baby and mom is what matters.

  5. Yay! Congratulations! I’m blessed with daughters, but who knows? Maybe I’ll have grandsons one day!

  6. Borepatch said

    Welcome, #1 Son.


  7. Lissa said

    Thank you, everyone!

  8. Yayy!

    May I suggest “Weerdington” as a VERY good boy’s name. If not how about “Shooter”?

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