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The hostess with the mostest

Posted by Lissa on May 24, 2012

That’s what THEY said, anyway 🙂

The client event went very well, I think. We had the usual few hiccups – the presentation was 50 minutes, not 20, as the guy had claimed; we had a guest determined to be the smartest guy in the room and therefore ask difficult, technical questions; Geico got his knickers in a twist because he wasn’t invited to join everyone at the steakhouse until right before the presentation – but on the whole it went smoothly.

And everyone loved the food! I got asked for the taquito recipe by a handful of people (you can find it here, if you’re curious; I did NOT use canned chicken, because ew), the bruschetta got devoured, I heard people crunching away at the veggies, and all the cheddar, most of the brie and half of the pepperoni disappeared. (No, I didn’t eat any of the brie. I’m on a pregnancy diet.)

The dinner afterward also went well but it was looooooooooong. And I almost wanted to smack Big Boss, who 1) got to the restaurant before anyone else; 2) put down his stuff at the head of the long, skinny table seating 20; 3) did not reserve any other seats. So, we had him at one end, while Veep, the presenter and I were all the way at the other end since we’d been cleaning up, and a long run of clients/prospects in the middle with no Sunshine Financial representation. Not ideal.

(I asked him, exasperated, why he hadn’t saved us seats in the middle or scattered about. His frank answer? “Because I’m not that smart.” Oh.)

…. and he IS that smart, he’s just not an accomplished party host. Different skill set, I suppose.

Anyway, the clients loved the food and gave me huge props for arranging all of it, I didn’t have to deal with a catering firm who would feed eight people (that turned into twenty), it cost my company perhaps a third of what a catering bill would have run, and I got a delicious steak dinner at the company’s expense.

AND I didn’t die in the horrific, terrifying thunderstorm that made my ten PM commute home a nightmare, so there’s that!!

One Response to “The hostess with the mostest”

  1. Amy said

    Thanks for sharing that recipe. I was hoping that you might.

    Congrats on pulling it off. My deepest admiration for all you manage to do!

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