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Adventures in catering

Posted by Lissa on May 22, 2012

We’re having a small, exclusive investor event this evening at the office. The idea was to invite perhaps a dozen clients or prospects to get a presentation from one of our investment companies. I started inviting people last week and, as of Thursday, had four people confirmed. I told Veep that, as long as there were ten people or less, I’d arrange the hors d’oeuvres myself … he and Big Boss are taking everyone to dinner afterward and it’s hard to find a catering company that will do food for less than 20 people or so. Besides, I *like* appetizers; I always plan too many when I have gatherings and then have to cut down the menu.

So. Four people, plus three at the office, plus the presenter – eight people. No sweat!

Then a few more people responded in the affirmative. So, on Friday, I was up to nine guests plus the four hosts – thirteen. Still not a big deal.

You see where this is going, right?

As of this morning I have fifteen confirmed guests, a sixteenth who will make it if his doctor’s appointment doesn’t run longer than two hours, and us four. So about twenty people where I once planned for eight.

Thank goodness I always make more food than I think people can eat 🙂


What am I serving? I bought a veggie platter to start with. (If it were my money I’d chop the celery, cucumber, make the dip etc.; however, it’s NOT my money, so I bought it pre-made.) I’ve sliced up two sticks of Boar’s Head pepperoni and a block of Kerry’s Aged Reserve Cheddar, with a long triangle of Brie and a cheese knife all packed up. I’ve got reduced fat Triscuits and Sun-dried Tomato Wheat Thins. I’ve thinly sliced, brushed with olive oil and toasted in the oven an entire loaf of French bread; the tomatoes, basil leaves (from my garden!), garlic cloves, olive oil, salt and pepper are packed and ready to be made into bruschetta. And I boiled two chicken breasts until I could shred them, mixed them with 4 Cheese Mexican Sargento, some diced roasted red peppers and some mild salsa; they’ll get spread onto wonton skins, rolled up and baked into chicken taquitos.

That’s enough for twenty people to nibble on, right?

4 Responses to “Adventures in catering”

  1. Brad Kruse said

    I dunno. If you allow 12 ounce of food per person, you might have enough for take-home bags of the leftovers for guests that want it.

  2. Old Windways said

    I hope they realize how awesome you are and how lucky they are to have you! I’m going to step away from my computer now so I don’t salivate all over the keyboard.

    • Brad Kruse said

      Nope. The value of something is what you pay for it. No extra money was awarded, no non-cash benefits. The company gets the kudos for providing the provendar; Lissa gets a momentary “well, it didn’t make us look bad” kind of “thank you” . . maybe. Plus, Lissa now has the “munchies provider” section added to her job description. Excuse me, “unpaid, easily arranged, no overhead munchies provider” section.

      This was done for Lissa’s personal satisfaction, only.

      If they had contracted Snyder’s Chicken for $350, they would have been just as satisfied, plus getting the bill through the billing department would have been seen as an administrative accomplishment. Saving money is an ephemeral accomplishment, along the lines of “but what have you saved this morning?!?“.

  3. Brad_in_MA said

    I see me some Cholula brand Chipotle hot sauce . . . . that stuff is G-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-D. I have several bottles of that fine peppery elixer of of capsacin in my cubboard. Drives my wife nuts that I have so much on hand. I tend to buy a bottle or four when it goes on sale. Best part? My Progeny loves the stuff too. It’s GREAT on scrambled eggs with an english muffin for an extra kick in the a.m. Damn . . . now I need to have brunch.


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