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Ahhhhh AR-15 :)

Posted by Lissa on May 21, 2012

Good morning all! I hope you had as lovely a weekend as I did! We met at Ruth’s Chris for happy hour on Friday ($7 filet sandwich, YUM!!!!), I got my vacuuming and mopping done, Mike and I tried out a Jamaican restaurant down in Orlando (not QUITE as good as my Uncle Peter’s restaurant, of course, but the chicken roti and jerk chicken were quite delicious) —


— I played in the garden (and did NOT pick my biggest jalapeño, thanks to all your wonderful advice and pictures!), floated in the pool for an hour (first time this year!), and . . . range therapy!!!


I’m really not much of a rifle person. Pistols are more enjoyable for me; the long setup, structured breathing and use of scopes for precision rifle shooting just don’t interest me as much. That said, AR-15’s are FUN!! They kick enough for you to know they’re there without leaving you a shoulder bite.

It was the first time we’d taken this particular beast out and it was a helluva lot of fun. After we ran through all our .223 ammo we took turns plinking with Sigmund (Sig 229) wearing his .22 conversion kit. I’ve found that even just IMAGINING the pregnant pause and the BEEP of an IDPA match makes my aim suffer. I’ll need to practice more with some type of timer app.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are setting up for a marvelous week!


4 Responses to “Ahhhhh AR-15 :)”

  1. I’ve yet to find anything resembling good Jamaican around here. That looks tasty.

  2. Joanna said

    I hate to say it, but that should be your last range trip for awhile. I didn’t shoot while pregnant at all, due to the risk of inhaling lead dust and noise. You can’t protect the baby from either. 😦

    • Lissa said

      Yeah, it’s a VERY well ventilated and professional range, and baby’s not supposed to have auditory bones formed yet, but I’m probably done now.

      • Brad_in_MA said


        If you’re considering nursing, is there any risk of airborne lead getting into breast milk? I read something about eating extra calcium (like yogurt) before a shooting session can help chelate the lead from your bloodstream. Don’t take my word on it . . . . verify with your medical folks.

        As for the shoulder bite . . . that’s nothing. Try a range session with some magnum 12ga followed by about 80 rounds through a Mosin Nagant. That’s wha I call “The Purple Oval of Freedom.”

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