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Conversation and coffee

Posted by Lissa on May 17, 2012

ME: “Apparently there’s a Baby Sale this Saturday. I might try to stop by after Rajah’s vet appointment.”

MIKE: “They SELL BABIES? Is that even legal??”

ME: *narrowed eyes*

MIKE: “Lissa, you’re going to have one of your own in a couple months. Do you really need to buy another one?”

ME: *hisses*

MIKE: “Well, it IS Florida. I mean, I guess anything is legal here.”

ME: “You’re a brat.”

It’s a good thing he’s such a handsome guy!

6 Responses to “Conversation and coffee”

  1. Mrs. Weer’d and I were absolutely ready to start a family at about the same time her Doctor said that we could achieve seizure freedom, but it was going to take a LOT of work (3+ years as it turns out), so we had to put that plan on hold.

    So yeah, I frequently made the comment that we should stop by Babies R Us to see if they had a model we wanted. 😉

  2. MaddMedic said

    Heh…tried to exchange my two boys at the Children Exchange once…Boy did the wife gimme hell when she heard I tried that one!!

  3. Lissa said

    Weer’d, Babies R Us is a nightmare. I wouldn’t go looking there 😉

    MaddMedic, I have no doubt my husband will try that at some point!

  4. Jay G. said

    You know that once the kid is born they lose 25% of their resale value, right?

  5. Brad Kruse said

    Actually, even with a great discount, the cost to raise through dating and puberty, not to mention college, is way overwhelming. Be sure to get the extended warranty. Like AHS (American Home Shield) for the home, it can save a bundle.

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