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Operation Giveback! (aka the Wounded Warriors Run/Walk/Roll)

Posted by Lissa on May 15, 2012

Good morning all! Sorry for the missed post yesterday; I had a doctor’s appointment before work and when there’s not time for typing AND baby-examining . . . well.

I’m proud to say that Mike and I along with his parents attended the Second Annual Operation Giveback race in Orlando. We attended last year too – Mike ran the 10K and I (with my injured feet) cheered from the sideline. This year (due in part to Mike’s calf injury) we all four of us walked the 5K.


As always, we started at 0-dark-30. I’d really been hoping to run this year – damn I’ve been injured for a long time – but it feels a lot better when 1) I’m at least participating, even if it’s a walk rather than a jog; 2) I have a much happier reason than misbehaving feet to sit out a 5K.

I will admit to puffing a bit – my heart wasn’t working hard but pregnancy-breathlessness does hit me sometimes – but I finished the 3.1 miles in just under an hour. No matter how airless your lungs feel, the sight of a Bionic Hero chugging along always makes you realize you should just stop freakin’ whining and get on with it, already.

And speaking of Bionic Heroes . . . I admit this next part is silly, and a bit vain, but whatever.

I’ve been told pretty frequently that I have a nice smile. That’s a very nice compliment, and an amusing one, insofar as my teeth are crooked and I’m no Cover Girl. But it’s always fun to hear. And I was really grateful for my nice smile when I walked past a Wounded Warrior hiking along with one leg and two sticks. He was flanked by two soldiers in fatigues – I imagine to make sure none of the psycho/stumbling runners ran into him – and when I smiled my prettiest at them and thanked them for their service, all three of their faces LIT UP. It was wonderful and humbling and makes me tear up just a little.

Anyway. Vanity aside over. It’s a great cause; I hope anyone in the area will come do it next year. At that point, I’m aiming to have a jogging stroller!!!


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  1. Anonymous said

    Lisa registration for 5k,10k,15k 2013 race is open http://www.operation-giveback.org

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