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Did ANYONE actually think Pres Obama was against gay marriage?

Posted by Lissa on May 11, 2012

Anyone? Bueller?

I’m just curious. I know that my friends who are Obama fans confidently dismissed his stance against gay marriage. “Oh, everyone knows he’s for it, but he can’t say that and get elected, so he has to pretend he’s not,” they say assuredly. And I completely agree with them.

But if that were REALLY the case, then he wouldn’t have dithered this long. There must be SOME people out there who really thought he was against it.

So. Does y’all know anyone who was surprised when he made his about-face? Anyone at all?


7 Responses to “Did ANYONE actually think Pres Obama was against gay marriage?”

  1. guffaw1952 said

    My understanding is he was for it, then said he was against it (because of his 20 year ‘church’ attendance). Now, of course, it smacks of political opportunism. Send out the Veep as a stalking horse, and, if he’s not crucified, jump on board the next day. He apparently did say (correctly) that is remains a State law issue. I personally don’t think it’s a government issue – but I’m a libertarian.
    As for being surprised, HELL no!

  2. Brad Kruse said

    I don’t think Obama cares, except about the votes and donation money from the gays.

    I wonder if Obama is consistent, and worried about the diversity of gays in labor unions.

  3. JD said

    what will shock me is if he stays for it. . . I think they will get tossed back under the Obama bus as soon as it gets him a few votes to do it.

  4. I think Democrats are to Gay issues as Republicans are to gun issues. Seems every Donk in the country wants to waive the rainbow flag on an election year, just like every GOP dork wants to flash an NRA card (with the ink still wet) or get seen lugging a gun in a field looking for “Game”.

    Then the election ends and they stop pretending to give a shit.

  5. momiss said

    Nobody that I know of. Has anybody else noticed the Dems talking points seem to be written by a 3rd grader? Possibly a 3rd grader that wants a sex change, but still a 3rd grader……lol

  6. Wow, I had a replay about the gay community being the next big political currency, but then I read Weer’d’s comment. So now, just yeah. What he said.


  7. ruth said

    I think Obama is for anything that he thinks will add to his chances of getting re-elected. So no, not surprised.

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