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AMAZING sexism on the Food Network

Posted by Lissa on May 3, 2012

I knew I didn’t like Alex Guarnaschelli. I’m sure her food is wonderful, but she came across as a real bitch on The Next Iron Chef – Masters. Regardless, I was AWED by what came out of her mouth on the Chopped: All-Stars episode we watched last night.

Chris Santos was talking about his chosen charity: a research foundation for Rett Syndrome. He explained that one of his relations (cousin, maybe?) had Rett Syndrome, this awful neurological disease that affects pretty much only girls. He showed the judges a picture of the girl and a tear dripped down Alex’s cheek. I was thinking, “Wow, she was really touched by that” when they cut to her interview and she said THIS (in a really thoughtful, emotional voice):

“I just learned *so much* about Chris Santos. I can’t believe he cares so much about this disease when he’s a man and it affects only girls.”*


Did you know that you’re only allowed to care about diseases that YOU YOURSELF might someday contract? That’s right, women don’t care about testicular cancer or hemophilia and men can’t be affected by breast cancer or female genital mutilation.

This was all news to me, but hey! You learn something every day!

*paraphrased by memory

One Response to “AMAZING sexism on the Food Network”

  1. Brad Kruse said

    Actually, men have a statistically significant, though unlikely, chance of breast cancer.

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