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Medical bleg: Why has my body stopped working?

Posted by Lissa on May 2, 2012

My groin, to be exact, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to put that in a post title. I promise this is a PG-rated problem 🙂

I’ve always been fairly flexible. I can touch my toes easily; I can sit with my legs straight and touch my head to my knees without much effort. (I know — that’s gonna be a thing of the past in a few months!) And I’ve never had any problem with butterfly stretches for the groin.

Until now.

Well, technically – until a few weeks ago. One night I noticed that the left side of my groin was just. . . stuck. When I put the soles of my feet together in butterfly position and try to press my knees down with my elbows, my left leg will go a few inches and then STOPS. It feels like there’s something where my thigh connects to my pelvis that’s BLOCKING my leg from going down; some ligament that’s slipped out of place or a muscle that’s seized up or something like that. If I put my right leg straight and work only with the left side of my groin, I can start with a position PAST the stop-point, but I still can’t move THROUGH that point and it doesn’t work if I try to draw my right leg back up.

I didn’t yank, pull, twinge or otherwise mangle the area in question that I remember. I kind of want to just shove on the damn thing until it pops free, but I know that’s probably a really stupid idea.

Help! Do I need to go see a physical therapist? Does anyone know what the hell happened??

7 Responses to “Medical bleg: Why has my body stopped working?”

  1. Brad_in_MA said


    I recall years ago from when My Lovely Bride was pregnant, the OB told us to expect some pelvic region changes due to the pregnancy hormones. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet, but you might want to ask your OB at your next appointment. On the other hand, it could be something completely unrelated.

    Good luck and may you have a safe and boring pregnancy.


  2. momiss said

    No idea, but kudos on the fact you are still doing any kind of exercises at all. You should ask your doctor to be sure.

  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    My body stopped working 10 years ago, so I think that disqualifies me, but agree with Brad. I feel like I read somewhere, or overheard someone saying that the pelvis does shift quite a bit during pregnancy. The pelvis, as you know, isn’t just one bone that never moves, and the right and left sides do in fact spread apart a little, or tilt, with pregnancy. Right? I mean, isn’t this how the mummy-ologists knew if the lady-mummies had ever borne children? It would make total sense to me that the pelvis, in shifting, doesn’t do it uniforming, or overnight, and that there would be some unevenness. I know that the ligaments are supposed to become more supple, allowing for tilting and rotation of the pelvis to accommodate changes in the center of gravity. That would of course impact the hip joint mechanics.

    That, or you slept funny and don’t mess with it, it will pop back into place soon (this one happens to me all the time, because I have a wonky body.)

  4. Ruth said

    Not a doc and never been pregnant, but you’re what, 4months along? I wouldn’t be hugely surprised if its your body shifting to accomadate The baby. Which doesn’t mean its not worth mentioning to the doc if it doesn’t sort itself out soon….

  5. Lissa said

    Thank you everyone! My next pregnancy dr appointment is May 12th; I’ll see if the doc thinks it’s weird-but-normal pregnancy side effects, or if I need to see an orthopedist.

  6. Justin said

    Brad’s on the right track. Preg hormones “loosened” my wife’s pelvis and she was in constant, though dull, pain for abt 7 months. Her OBGYN said it wasn’t anything to worry about. Might just call your OBGYN’s nurse and ask if you should come in.

  7. Jennifer said

    Pregnancy does all kinds of wild and new things to your body. Ask your doc, but don’t sweat it. Keep exercising, it will help tremendously with both child birth and recovery.
    And in case no one has told you yet, don’t get new glasses right now. Even your eyes are weird during pregnancy. For what reason, I have no idea. But I was near-sighted during my pregnancy. 20/20 before and since.

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