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I absolutely cannot make this stuff up.

Posted by Lissa on April 27, 2012

Double-bookings are always terrible. It means, most likely, that someone in our office screwed up with the calendar. It certainly means that one client will have to wait for quite a while or come back another time, i.e. that s/he made the trip for nothing.

Yesterday started with a double-booking. The clients involved?

1) A widow whose husband recently died, along with her now fatherless daughter.

2) A widower whose wife was murdered last weekend.

I swear to you, the next time my day starts like that I’m going home and going back to bed!

3 Responses to “I absolutely cannot make this stuff up.”

  1. momiss said

    That could be the beginning of a beautiful story, right there. But you probably were talking about the stress of dealing with upset people in frustrating situations…..lol
    It could still make a really good story.

  2. Robert Hewes said

    Holy crap! What is it you do that has you interacting with so many sad people?

  3. Butch Cassidy said

    At least Geico didn’t stumble in to add further drama.

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