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The State of the Garden

Posted by Lissa on April 24, 2012

Good morning all! The weather is just beautiful down in Florida — highs in the 80s every day — and my garden is thriving! I planted everything in March … look how it’s doing!

First, my herbs:


Starting from lower left and going roughly counter clockwise, that’s Greek oregano, sweet mint, peppermint, more mint, flat parsley, and curly parsley. The oregano is spreading like crazy, as does the mint, both of which are welcome developments. (It’s a very weedy garden bed – the previous owners let the weeds run wild and didn’t plant anything – so herbs that I can eat are encouraged to spread out.) The curly parsley and the mint survived from last autumn; everything else is a new planting. And NOTHING tops off homemade cooked-for-six-hours spaghetti sauce like fresh picked oregano and sweet basil.

Speaking of which —


I’ve got four basil plants with a Greek thyme plant in the foreground. (I don’t know why the herbs are Greek. It’s just what Home Depot was selling.) The basil actually looks happier now that we’ve had two days of rainstorms – much greener and perkier.

My rosemary bush is the only herb that survived my first planting in October 2010 –


The bush to the right was planted last year; the baby off to the left was from this March. Rosemary, BTW, is extremely hardy and therefore I love it. I mostly use it for pork chop marinade and rosemary reduction sauce for chicken, but one of these days I’m going to clip branches and use them as skewers to grill chicken!

Last but not least, see my tomatoes!


I babied them over the weekend and painstakingly picked out AT LEAST FIFTY of these disgusting little beasts:


Don’t get me wrong, I love butterflies, and I like moths. But I was nearing the point of just nuking the damn things from orbit when I discovered . . . THIS.


AAUUUGGGHHHHH!!! I narrowly restrained myself from lighting them on fire before flinging the leaf off the edge of the garden into the bracken. I resisted largely because I didn’t want to leave them there long enough to go inside and grab a lighter. BEGONE YE MONSTERS!!

I don’t spray anything in my garden because I like being able to pick and eat while I weed. My neighbor recommended spraying them with an olive oil solution. Does anyone know if that works?

Anyway, that’s what’s growing besides BabyKitty 2012!

(I’ve also got some lemon chives and I’m experimenting with jalapeños, but this post is long enough as it is.)

5 Responses to “The State of the Garden”

  1. ruth said

    Never tried olive oil. If you do try it let us know please. I was thinking I’d get some of that “hot pepper wax” spray to keep pests away, but I think thats aimed more at rabbits and deer anyway.

  2. After seeing those leggy ‘maters, I’d give them a haircut.

  3. momiss said

    I think you can mix Johnson’s baby shampoo with water and spray your plants. I think I remember that from a Martha Stewart episode from the mid 90’s when I was home with the twins.
    Around here we use 7 dust, which is kind of an all purpose powder, also.

  4. Aaron T. said

    Worked in a garden center for a while in highschool and learned a few things. Never heard of using olive oil on bugs but no reason it shouldn’t work. Some insecticides are oil based because it forms a film over the spiracles (breathing holes) on bugs. Basically suffocates them. Also works the same sort of way with insecticidal soap. The specifically formulated soaps probably persist longer, but if you are worried about toxic stuff for you and the upcoming munchkin then dish soap in water would probably work as well.

    • Aaron T. said

      Apologies for the double comment, but I thought of a nifty alternative after I left the previous comment. If you try to make an olive oil solution in water it will just separate out and you will have to shake it continually to make it work. As an alternate try non-stick cooking spray. Nothing you wouldn’t eat anyways, and already conveniently in a spray bottle! Just be careful not to really drench the plants, they need to breathe too. If you try it, I’d love to know if it works or not.

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