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Happy anniversary, honey! Here’s a holster!

Posted by Lissa on April 18, 2012

Three years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry Mike. And, despite what the picture shows . . .


. . . I’ve never once looked back.

As a token of my esteem, I presented Mike with this piece of gorgeousness:


That’s a Chimaera holster from our own Dragon Leatherworks. He really matched the colors beautifully, don’t you think?

Have a happy day, everyone! I know I will!

12 Responses to “Happy anniversary, honey! Here’s a holster!”

  1. So the 3rd Anaversary is leather? Well I fucked that one up!

    What anaversary is Kydex?

  2. ruth said

    oh my gosh I love your dress. Now I want a front picture lol.

  3. secretlivesofscientists said

    Happy Anniversary, lovely!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, you two!

  5. Butch Cassidy said

    Whoops. I missed the leather anniversary by a year. I ordered my wife a Simply Rugged Cuda for her CZ as an anniversary present this year (4th).

    Great choice in wedding month, by the way 😉

  6. Jay G. said

    Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

  7. B said

    Happy Anniversary!!! and I LOVE your wedding gown

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